Weakspot Mastery
Weakspot Mastery
Hero Tychus, Swann, Tassadar, Nova, Major Anvil
Description Every target, no matter how heavily armored it is, has a weakspot. You excel at finding and exploiting these weakspots resulting in your auto-attacks to ignore any armor your targets might have. In addition, your damage vs armored is increased slighlty.
Effects auto-attacks ignore armor
bonus damage vs armored

Weakspot Mastery is a debatably useful mastery that causes heroic attacks and spells to ignore the armor of their targets and deal bonus damage against Armored enemies. Its usefulness is debatable because of the usually high base damage of heroic attacks compared to the armor of their targets.

The effects of Weakspot Mastery differ depending on the hero.


Tychus's basic attacks actually ignore armor anyway. Weakspot Mastery causes Tychus to treat his targets armor as negative, gaining damage based on how much armor they have, as well as giving him a flat +10 damage against Armored targets.


Weakspot Mastery causes Hellfire Missile Batteries, Gatling Turrets, and Swann's anti-air attack ignore armor, Gatling Turrets gain +7 damage against Armored targets, and Swann's anti-air attack gains +50 damage against Armored targets.


Weakspot Mastery causes Empower, Interceptors built from Carriers, and Stalkers summoned by Nexus Exiles to ignore armor, and cause Tassadar's basic attacks to ignore armor and deal bonus damage to Armored targets based on their charge level. (50% and +10 for level 1, 70% and +10 for level 2, 100% and +15 for level 3)


Weakspot Mastery causes Snipe, Combat Drones, Critical Hit, and Nova's basic attacks to ignore armor, and causes her basic attacks to deal +25 damage to Armored targets.


Predator cannot learn Weakspot Mastery due to his defensive nature.


Major Anvil cannot learn Weakspot Mastery, however he can gain its armor-ignoring effects through a pair of Talents, one each for Tank mode and Siege mode.

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