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I can't access my account anymore and I won't be playing Starcraft anymore.

Crap Patrol 2 and MineralZ Evolution player. Active on both wikis as template editor and general info articles.

Working OnEdit

  1. Difficulty tabs! View different info about enemy structures and units on all difficulties in 1 page.
  2. Fancy borders! For all kinds of boxes.
  3. Interactive Maps: (semi-) Easy to use Maps, just add {{Map}} {{:/Map}} to your article and in between those tags you can use a variety of map elements.
    1. Data Link Elements: Going to expand this to it's own little system instead of as a part of the Map template
      1. data-link-alt: Set this field to show alt text when hovering over this element (can actually be done on any element with class "map-data-link")
    2. [Upcoming] Set map zoom somehow. Will need either some CSS tinkering or image processing in JS.
  4. Weapon Infobox Embed: Add new 'stats' field to unit infoboxes that can displays a new Weapon template shown as a weapon icon like in game and on hover it displays the weapon details like damage etc. (and make the damage field optional)
  5. Armor Infobox Embed: Add new 'armor_complex' field to unit infoboxes to display armor similar to the weapon system mentioned above and as seen in game.


  1. map-area: [Up and running!] You can define areas on the map, standard their edges will be drawn on it and when you hover over an area it is highlighted on the map and displays the area name in alt text
    • Going to add different edge/highlight colors.
  2. Basic Map functionality
  3. Basic infobox templates
  4. Fancy borders for infoboxes, let me know if you find any broken ones :)
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