Range Medium
Role Assault
Req. Rank 0
Active Skills Frag Grenade, Flaming Betty, Psionic Storm, Stimpack
Passive Skills Irradiate, Adaptive Armor, Inspire,Berserk

Character Edit

Tychus is a strong offensive character that excels at pressuring hatcheries but struggles with bosses compared to Nova or Swann. He deals very high sustained damage and AoE with his talents and masteries and makes a great character for pushing with troops and holding locations against enemy waves.

His unlocked mastery is Psionic Warrior, the mastery takes away your Psionic Storm skill and instead gives you a 10% chance to cast it when attacking enemies, with the storm centered on the enemy you are attacking when it procs. This takes his AoE damage and ramps it up hugely with massive hordes of enemies thanks to his high attack speed, pushing through the enemy lines to expose structures becomes very easy with a Psi-Warrior Tychus leading the charge.

Against bosses you will find your damage lack-luster for the most part, you can deal lots of damage but it takes time to do it. However, your attacks ignore enemy armor, so even though your damage is low it will be constant across all enemies. If you are fighting alone then try and use troop lines to slow enemies down letting you get your high sustain damage onto the boss for long enough to chip it's health bar down and remember to use Flaming Betties to break aggro and reposition.

Key Talents

For a full list of Tychus's talents, see List of Tychus's talents.


Tychus masteries

Energy Mastery

This is a good mastery towards the late game, or after you have taken Light Weight Equipment as you’ll be allowed to use a lot more abilities.  Generally you should take this talent when you feel like you’re struggling with your energy and can’t use your abilities to their fullest.

Shadow Nimbus Mastery

This is generally a mastery you will be taking in the late game (if at all), simply because it doesn't really provide a lot compared to the other masteries. Its good if you aren't too familiar with how the map works however, as the stealth and reduce blocking can help you out, but, the other masteries far outshine it in the hands of a better player.

Iron Man Mastery

This mastery will slowly over a half hour, increase your hitpoints by a medium amount. Other than that, it will also make sure you lose 0 XP and money every time you die, making it a great talent for beginners. Once you get at higher levels though, it starts to get less and less useful as you aren't supposed/allowed to die at all. For insane, it’s the least taken mastery outside of Tank Swann, and even there it’s not as strong as the other masteries.

Armor Mastery

This is one of the best starting mastery next to iron man for newer players. The increased armor makes it a lot more difficult to kill you in the early game and it means you can tank most units as well without dying. On Hard/Fking insane, it’s recommended that you take this as your first or second mastery, as armor makes a huge difference there, due to the creeps' insanely high attack speed.

Nuke Mastery

This mastery increases the radius of your nuke, the damage of it versus heroic and allows you to cast it anywhere on the map that you have vision of. This is a late game mastery, and is mostly used for killing the last few bases at a faster pace, or “cheesing” them by killing the production facilities of the zergs. It’s commonly used for killing the creep towers near the last boss, and is best combined with Radical Restructuring and Massive Blast.

Big Game Hunter Mastery

This mastery increases your auto attack damage versus Massive units, your Frag Grenade damage, and gives you 15% more Experience for Massive units. It can be taken in the mid/late game, as its main purpose is to increase damage towards Ultralisks and other massive units. However, if you pick BGH early, you will get the most benefit from the experience bonus.

Close Quarter Combat Mastery

This mastery gives you 6 armor, increases the damage output if your Frag Grenade by 100 and the damage of your physical attacks. This is a great starter mastery, and recommended for advanced players, as it gives you a bit of armor, more damage (which compensates the damage reduction by Heavy Barrel) and increases the damage of your Frag Grenade by a good margin.

Weakspot Mastery

This mastery makes you completely ignore the armor of the enemy, while also increasing your damage towards previously "armored” targets. This is overall a very good talent, and provides the second highest damage increase next to Weapon Research. An example could be the Infested Ultralisk, which has 7 armor, thus giving this a flat out 7 damage increase against it.

Haywire Missile Mastery

This ability equips Tychus with a missile launcher, shooting out 3 missiles with a 5 seconds internal cooldown. Deals increased damage to massive and psionic units making it very useful against bosses or Ultralisks and Queens. A good player will keep a track on the timer, and always use it on massive units whenever possible. It can also be used to burst units down when you’re kiting them, by turning around every 5 seconds to launch the missiles at them. It also works on structures, and can be used to burst spinecrawlers down.  Overall it’s a great mastery and very recommended in the mid-game, as it's rather useless in the early game due to the enemies low health.

Psionic Warrior Mastery

After 1000 kills without dying, this mastery will unlock. It removes your Psionic Storm ability, and instead gives it a 10% chance to proc on auto-attacks, meaning you will get a lot more storms out of it. Also reduces your energy regeneration slightly. This doesn't matter at all though, as you no longer have to spend energy on the Psionic storm ability. This mastery increases your AoE potential by a lot, and makes it a lot easier to slaughter groups of units and pushing forwards in the middle/late game. It is generally also a huge dps increase against bosses and psionic units. The key part to this talent though, is the fact that it procs Berserk, which increases your attack speed by a lot, which in return procs even more storms. Overall a great mastery that should be taken as soon as possible.

Weapons Research Mastery

This mastery will consume 5000 minerals over 10 turns (being 500 per turn) and in return, grants 10 damage, 0.5 range and attack speed. Overall it’s a good talent to take in the mid-game, providing you haven’t spent money on nukes.

Lightweight Equipment Mastery

This mastery will consume 4000-5000 Minerals over 20 turns (200-250 per turn) and will reduce the cooldown of your Stimpack, Flaming better, Psionic storm and Frag grenade. As of 2.23 this mastery is slightly bugged, meaning you’ll get more out of it by researching it after you've gotten the talent Quickening, which halves your cooldown on Psionic storm, Frag Grenade and Flaming Betty. Going LW -> Quickening will provide a 6 second cooldown on Frag grenade and a 18 second cooldown on Flaming Betty. Taking Quickening first will provide a 3 second cooldown on Frag Grenade and a 14 second cooldown on Flaming Betty. This mastery is best taken in the mid/late game. This has been fixed however, and it's still a strong mastery.

Ranger Mastery

This mastery increases the range of your auto-attacks by 2, almost double the range of your auto turret and increases the casting range of your Psionic Storm. It is very useful once you have gotten the Weapons Research Mastery, as you will outrange Spine Crawlers, easily taking them out.

Allrounder Mastery

This mastery gives you two additional talent points and increases your max energy. This is generally a late game mastery, best taken when you have either run out of good talents to take, or feel like you need the two talent points to get a critical talent like Berserk.

Guides Edit

BlacKcuD and Tankz have release a full-fletched Mental Guide. It covers basic strategy, Perk, Mastery and talent choices. Link to guide.

Example Hellwalker Mastery / perk Order Edit


  1. Bug Zapper - Take this.
  2. Air Support - Decent early game push. Highground vision will help you.
  3. Onslaught - your best option here.
  4. Tenacity - Snare immunity helps a lot. Minerals saved on death, too. More health is debatable cause you lack selfheal. If you know what you do (i.e. some wins on it) skip that perk.
  5. Weaponsmith or Compartmentalization - Would go for the second one. You basically dont have any decent perk anymore.
  6. Doomsday - nukes speed things up.
  7. Beginner Perks: Scrolling down you'll find an easy to follow list.


  1. Close Quarter Combat - Armor increase is the most important thing early on. The moment you hit ~20 Armor which is done with this mastery and big armor increase you're mostly immune to any early game damage. Grenade damage is the second most important thing.
  2. Haywire Missile - slight damage increase. Mostly vs Buildings. Trying to haywire Spine Crawler helps but takes a lot of time. Grenade it.
  3. Lightweight Equipment - More grenades.
  4. Psionic Warrior - Keep your level 30 mastery point for this.
  5. Weapons Research - slight range increase and grenade damage.
  6. Big Game Hunter - more grenade damage.
  7. Weakspot - Helps against Behemoth. Apart from that mostly useless. Some more Haywire damage.
  8. Ranger - Detection. Buffs your autoattack range with weapons research mastery above Spine crawler range. You want this before pushing into Omegalisk lair. Roughly at level 50 or 60 depending on your route. Apart from the range it is mostly useless. Detection is provided by Air Support perk.
  9. Mind Bender - Slow. This is insane. Helps a lot. In group play take this after Psionic. Roughly at level 40. May be one of your best choices against omega.
  10. Energy - increased shield regeneration. Kiting ability with Mind bender mastery.
  11. Nuke at level 70 or 80.

Generally you're bad fighting spine crawlers early on. Grenade helps. Grenade on unit spawns. Grenade rocks. Every other spell is a waste of energy unless you've score. Early detection is useless for you. You suck against bosses. You're awesome at cleaning trash and drops. Homebase buff is your best friend till score. Sticking with your mates helps for score. After score you can mostly just run around on trash and it dies from Psionic Warrior spells.

You may have a slight issue with Omegalisk, however you're really bad against him anyway. In solo you want to delay him as long as possible to get more talents. Going all-rounder mastery on level 0 may be your best choice if you really struggle with him. Should mention that his aoe lowers your autoattack speed. So weakspot mastery is pretty bad. Energy mastery helps with shield regain, Mind bender mastery helps with controlling him. You should pull him to your north base. Should mention that there is a very little sweet spot where you can hit him with storm while he cant hit you. (Requires energy + Mind bender, tho). Homebase buff is your friend!

Take this as an example:

Perks: Onslaught, Bug Zapper, Air Support, Tenacity


  1. Close Quarter Combat
  2. Lightweight Equipment
  3. Haywire Missile
  4. Psionic Warrior (Level 30, saving point)
  5. Mind Bender (Level 40)
  6. Weapons Research (Bonus Mastery)
  7. Big Game Hunter (Level 50)
  8. Ranger (Level 60)
  9. Nuke (Level 70)

Example Mental Mastery Order Edit

  1. Haywire Missile Mastery[1] - This mastery is hands down the strongest early game mastery. The burst allows you to kill everything quicker, and you can use it to dance in and out of Spine Crawlers' range while killing them from far away.
  2. Ranger Mastery[1] - Outside of detection, the increased range from this mastery makes it very strong as a second mastery. Not only that, but if you happen to get the auto turret drop early on, you will get a monster of a turret every time its dropped.
  3. Weapons Research Mastery[1] - Since it grants a higher damage advantage than Weakspot Mastery and provides 0.5 range, making it possible to outrange Spine Crawlers, this is definitely your third mastery, as nothing else comes close to its usefulness at this point.
  4. Weakspot Mastery[1] - Just a raw damage increase against everything. Since its higher than CQC, you want this instead of CQC.
  5. Psionic Warrior Mastery[1] - The strongest mastery by far that Tychus has. It removes the ability to cast storm, but puts a 10% chance on your auto attacks to proc storm. Combining that with Berserk, which increases your attack speed and movement speed every time you use psionic storm/frag grenade, means that you will have a nearly 100% uptime on this buff, giving a way higher DPS. 
  6. Lightweight Equipment Mastery[1] - Cooldown reduction on your flaming betty is REALLY handy to have at this point, as it makes it a lot easier to deal with the primal brutalisk.
  7. Nuke mastery from Leviathan, as you will be using nukes from this point on.
  8. Energy Mastery[1] OR Close Quarter Combat Mastery[1] - if you need energy, take that, if not, CQC is better.

It doesn't really matter what you take after this, and its completly up to you if you need more energy in case you took CQC, more damage if you took energy mastery or missing some key talents.

Mental Solo Replays Edit - Mental solo tychus in 2:39:40.


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