CP2 Wiki
Range Medium
Role Assault
Req. Rank 0
Active Skills Frag Grenade, Flaming Betty, Psionic Storm, Stimpack
Passive Skills Irradiate, Adaptive Armor, Inspire,Berserk


Tychus is very weak to start with, but his damage ramps up significantly once he gets Psionic Warrior Mastery.

Tychus is a strong offensive character that excels at pressuring hatcheries but struggles with bosses compared to Nova or Swann. He deals very high sustained damage and AoE with his talents and masteries and makes a great character for pushing with troops and holding locations against enemy waves.

His unlocked mastery is Psionic Warrior, the mastery takes away your Psionic Storm skill and instead gives you a 10% chance to cast it when attacking enemies, with the storm centered on the enemy you are attacking when it procs. This takes his AoE damage and ramps it up hugely with massive hordes of enemies thanks to his high attack speed, pushing through the enemy lines to expose structures becomes very easy with a Psi-Warrior Tychus leading the charge. Tychus is an excellent kiter, as he can outrun virtually any enemy and with Mindbender Mastery, those enemies will be slowed.

Against bosses you will find your damage lack-luster. If you are fighting alone then try and use troop lines to slow enemies down letting you get your high sustain damage onto the boss for long enough to chip it's health bar down and remember to use Flaming Betties to break aggro and reposition. 

Key Talents

For a full list of Tychus's talents, see List of Tychus's talents.