Trap 1 North Raptorling AmbushEdit

Trap 1 has a 50% chance of triggering each time you walk into the area, or if any player minions walk into the area, such as Helldivers and Flaming Moes. Additionally, Fury's mines can also trigger the trap with almost guaranteed certainty. It is unique since it also has two different outcomes, both of which can be activated.

1-20 waves of 10 Raptors will spawn from point A,

3-5 waves of 5 Raptors will spawn from point B.  Asgard progresses 1-2 points.

On Inferno and Oldschool, an additional 10-15 waves of 10 raptors will spawn from point A.

On Hellwalker, a Yagdra will spawn on top of the Hatchery after the Raptors are finished spawning from point A.


Trap 1 trigger area

Trap 2 Banelings and Zerglings from North HatcheriesEdit

Trap 2 has no manual activation, it simply activates after 200 seconds after the opening cinematic and provides extra units to kill.


Trap 2 spawns

Trap 3 Junkyard BaseEdit

In Hellwalker and S2, trap 3 is very easy to trigger since the Junkyard scrap is destroyed automatically.  It starts periodic spawns from the junkyard area.  In particular the infestation pit should be killed quickly to prevent vile roaches from spawning.

5-25 splitterlings will spawn out of the hatchery or a nydus (if the hatchery is dead) when activated.

In S2 Episode 6, it triggers a retaliation event as well.


Trap 3 trigger area and spawns

Trap 4 Roach Burrow Attack Junkyard HillEdit

Trap 4 is triggered by killing 4 out of 7 units.  It is very easy with air support to accidentally attack and kill the primal ultralisk, but it will run up the hill once attacked.

If the buildings are removed for whatever reason, that counts as killing them.

When triggered, a large number of roaches will be created.

In S2 Episode 6, it triggers a retaliation event as well.

Asgard progresses 2-3.

In Inferno+, 3 nyduses will spawn with roaches, 1 nydus filled with splitterlings, and 1 nydus filled with hunterlings

In Oldschool+, 2/3/4/5 Oldschool Periodic Broodlords will spawn.  Asgard progresses 3-4.

In S2 Episode 6, it triggers another retaliation event when finished.


Trap 4 trigger units

Trap 6 Ultralisk AvengeEdit

Like trap 4, there are 4/7 buildings that need to be killed to start trap 6.  It's easy to start Trap 12 Brutalisk and Trap 6 at the same time by accident, since the Trap 12 hatchery is also a trigger for trap 6.

When triggered, 5-15 waves of 2-6 Ultralisks spawn every 20 seconds from the trap 6 spawn point.

In Inferno, 10-11 waves of 4-5 Ultralisks plus 1 Noxious Ultralisk are spawned every 23 seconds instead.

In Oldschool, 15-16 waves of 4-5 Ultralisks, 2 Primal Ultralisks, and a Ravager are spawned every 22 seconds instead.

In S2 (not Episode 2), 11 waves of 5-6 Noxious Ultralisks plus 1 Torrasque Ultralisk are spawned every 22 seconds instead.

Asgard progresses 1-2.

In Hellwalker, after the regular 5-15 waves of ultralisks, 4/7/10/14 Ravagers, 4 Oldschool Periodic Broodlords, and 4/7/10/14 Hybrid Dominators will spawn and attack the closest player. These ravagers are not the 3x Violent Ravagers you normally face when taking masteries, and as such are much easier to kill, and you can likely survive one of their bile shots.

In S2 Episode 6, it triggers a retaliation event as well.


Trap 6 trigger units

Trap 7 East LairEdit

Walking up the east hill in the CP base will trigger periodic spawns from the east.


Trap 7 trigger area and spawns

Trap 8 Center HiveEdit

Trap 8 can be triggered either by walking over the roach hill or jumping up the hill and walking towards the greater spire.  It can be particularly dangerous because of the frequent zerglings or the ultralisk.

After killing the Hive, there will be a long duration spawn of roaches, queens, and mutalisks from the high ground north of Trap 1.  This lasts a long time and increases with the difficulty level, repeating 14 * difficulty times.  In S2 this lasts 12 minutes.

In Inferno and Oldschool, a Cerebrate Sentinel will spawn signaling the end of the spawns.

In Hellwalker, an Omega Sentinel will spawn signaling the end of the spawns.

In S2 Episode 6, it triggers a retaliation event as well at the end of the spawns.


Trap 8 trigger area and spawns

Trap 9 Aberration Drops in JunkyardEdit

Trap 9 drops between 1 and 16 Abberations, weighted towards 7 total.

In Inferno and Oldschool, 20 spines will drop in the spine drop area, and the number of Abberations is increased to between 7 and 16, weighted towards 11 total.

In Oldschool, 2 Nydus will spawn with 10 torrasque ultralisks each. One here and one towards the north entrance of the CP Base.


Trap 9 trigger area

Trap 10 Primal RushEdit

Trap 10 is triggered by walking up the roach hill.

The enemies are randomly determined 4 times, and can be the following:

  • 3-5 Primal Ultralisks
  • 5-7 Queens
  • 7-9 Primal Hydralisks
  • 2-4 Primal Ultralisks

In Inferno and Oldschool, the following units are created:

  1. 5-6 Mutalisks
  2. 3-4 Primal Ultralisks
  3. 6-7 Queens
  4. 7-9 Primal Hydralisks
  5. 5-6 Noxious Ultralisks
  6. 5-6 Mutalisks
  7. 5-6 Noxious Ultralisks

Asgard progresses 1-2.


Trap 10 trigger area

Trap 11 Spawns Midway HiveEdit

Trap 11 can be triggered early by jumping past the scrap.

It spawns a random number of queens based on difficulty level, and spawns mutalisks and raptors frequently.


Trap 11 trigger area and spawns

Trap 12 Brutalisk Boss BattleEdit

Killing the hatchery will manually trigger the Brutalisk boss battle if it's not already started.


Trap 12 trigger unit

Trap 13 Aberrations in JunkyardEdit

Trap 13 is causes the Aberrations burrowed here to attack towards the Hatchery. They can be disposed beforehand if you bring Detection.


Trap 13 trigger area

Trap 14 South East BaseEdit

Trap 14 is very large and triggers the spawns in the Omegalisk base.  It can even be triggered from the center island if you travel far enough east.

This will also spawn the defense Noxious Ultralisks.  You can damage the Omegalisk to start the boss battle without activating the periodic spawns.


Trap 14 trigger area and spawns

Trap 15 Patrolling Mutalisks HighwayEdit

Trap 15 is easy to ignore, as the patrolling mutalisks don't really get in your way.

Between 6-20 mutalisks are spawned at 2 points and patrol in the area.

In Oldschool, Hellwalker, and S2, instead 22 mutalisks and 20 primal mutalisks are created.

In Hellwalker, 6 Nemesis are also created to patrol the area.

Asgard progresses 1-2.


Trap 15 trigger area

Trap 16 Highway MutalisksEdit

Trap 16 is triggered by destroying the highway hatchery.

There are 4 options randomly chosen for trap 16:

  • Option 1
    • 6-18 Primal Mutalisks
  • Option 2
    • 6-18 Mutalisks
  • Option 3
    • Roach Drop
    • Spine Drop
    • Periodic Squad Hive Guardians
    • Roach Drop
    • Spine Drop
    • Periodic Squad Hive Guardians
  • Option 4
    • Periodic Squad Hive Guardians

In Inferno, Oldschool, Hellwalker, and S2 Nemesis, option 3 is always chosen.

In Hellwalker, yagdra spawns on top of the dead hatchery.


Trap 16 trigger unit

Trap 17 Lonely LairEdit

Trap 17 starts spawning periodic events when a unit walks into it.

Note the circled creep tumor, which can be killed to move the story units to the north base.  This base can be used during the infection event or as permanent vision for the rest of the map, allowing you to easily nuke the lonely lair or the leviathan base later in the game from a distance.

Each ultralisk cavern, spore cannon, and lair have a 50% chance to spawn 5-6 primal ultralisks, but it will only trigger once.

Note in Hellwalker or S2 Nemesis, each ultralisk cavern has a 50% chance of spawning between 1 and 2 * (difficulty) primal ultralisks, which can trigger on all 3 caverns.


Trap 17 trigger area and spawns

Trap 18 Debris UltralisksEdit

Note the highlighted debris and their positions:

The one on the west/left will spawn 0 to 2 Noxious(green) ultralisk when destroyed.

All the other ones will spawn 0 to 1 Primal(blue) ultralisk when destroyed.


Trap 18 trigger units

Trap 19 North East BaseEdit

Trap 19 will start the Leviathan boss and activate the base's periodic spawns.  Notably the 4x primal ultralisks can clear CP quickly.  If you destroy the scrap on the east side of the map, the spawns will likely come via the east as well.

It spawns Bane Lords, Impalers, Lurkers, and Guardians to defend the base for every structure in the base.

Walking down the 2nd ramp to the north base is enough to trigger the trap, but you can also avoid it entirely by jumping past the 2nd ramp.  Without actually starting the base's periodic spawns, you can either use nuclear missiles to start the Leviathan boss or use Anvil + Nova to scan and mark the leviathan.

You can kill the creep tumor and spawn the "fun base" for vision for the rest of the game. You won't activate the Leviathan unless you walk down the 2nd ramp.


Trap 19 trigger area and spawns

Trap 20 Brutalisk ChokepointEdit

Activating trap 20 will activate all the periodic spawns in the Brain Bug base and will start the Angry Brutalisk on his attack. The Angry Brutalisk would then move from the Elite Brutalisk base through the Leviathan base, then straight to the Orbital Command. Additionally, activating trap 20 makes the 3 brutalisks in that area start patrolling the high ground of the Brain Bug's Lair.

Trap 20 is also easily activated when the Leviathan hive is destroyed. Any CP currently in the Leviathan base can easily march into the trigger from the backdoor, or they might redirect and walk through the main entrance. 

The Brain Bug needs to be damaged to be triggered. There is a small section that Protoss heroes and Predator can blink to which is outside of the trap zone which will let you nuke the Brain Bug from a distance without triggering the trap, and without taking Nuke Mastery.


Trap 20 trigger area and spawns

Final Area/General BaseEdit

The final area is split up into two overlapping locations.  Entering the real location "Final Fight The Pit" (green) will start the waves of the Hybrid General, but it won't trigger the base defenses.  There is a small section near the south and east of the base that can be used to trigger the Hybrid General waves without activating the final base spawns, giving you time to nuke the base and clear the buildings out prior to the defensive units spawning.

Entering the "Final Fight Trigger Area" (blue) will spawn Hybrid Dominators, Impalers, and Brood/Guardians scattered through the base on each building and activate the periodic spawns but won't trigger the Hybrid General's final assault.

In Hellwalker, entering the "Final Fight Trigger Area" (blue) will also cause mass nukes on each player and spawn 5 yagdras around the base.


Final Area trigger area, General Pit trigger area, and spawns

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