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Tassadar Overview[]

(Updated to v15.0)

Tassadar is an excellent support hero in multiplayer games with his Protective Sensei mastery. His overall damage output once he picks his 2500 Ultimate mastery (Power Overwhelming) is also extremely high, especially against high HP enemy targets.

Tassadar is also an excellent kiter and is very capable against hordes of weak mobs.

Unfortunately with Version 14.13, Tassadar is now has 'Unit Collision'.  

  1. Before that, Tassadar could just move in the middle of a horde of enemies and cast storms, meaning that his storms had higher coverage.
  2. Blinking is often not an option, if there is no space to blink in between enemies and structures.
  3. Additionally, Tassadar is now pigeonholed onto picking Pierce the Veil for the Blink charges, which allow him to blink inside a horde of enemies, cast storms and blink back to safety.
  4. The increased movement speed and shields that were supposed to be a trade-off for giving Tassadar Unit Collision barely compensate for the reduced effectiveness of Tassadar.

Thankfully, the fact that Tassadar should not have 'Unit Collision' has been corrected in Version 14.17

Tassadar's Perks for OS and HW[]

This is the optimal mastery order for non-speedrun multiplayer games. Tassadar has 4 extremely important perks:

  1. Onslaught
  2. Leadership
  3. Air Support
  4. Absorption

For quick entry of Perks at the beginning of the match, type (without quotes) "-perk olae".

Onslaught is simply indispensable.

Leadership increases all Air Support damage by +50%, scout damage by +50%, tempest damage by +20% and reaver damage by +20%.

Absorption allows Tassadar to spam Thunderstorm talent to deal constant damage and to summon Stargate mastery air support for even more damage.

Ever since Tassadar's Stargate mastery has been improved, the combination of Leadership perk + Absorption perk + Lightweight Equipment mastery + Stargate mastery allows other Protoss air support (Tempests) to be summoned. This not only allows Tassadar to reach his 2500 score very fast, but unlike Helldivers, the summoned Protoss air support remain a constant presence on the battlefield, with their very long attack range and invulnerability to enemy attacks.

That is why the Helldivers perk + Ascendance Mastery combination is less preferred, because when Helldivers die, it defeats the whole purpose of having Helldivers for Tassadar, which is to have an army of empowered minions. And as the game progresses, the constant blinking and shortcuts that Tassadar takes in the map renders Helldivers far less efficient than Stargate Air Support, because the Helldivers either die or constantly have to chase after Tassadar without being able to deal damage.

Tassadar's Mastery Order for OS and HW[]

Tassadar's mastery is pretty static until level 50, because that is when his build is finally complete. By that level, Tassadar should be able to cast near infinite Thunderstorms and have 3 blink charges for maximum mobility.

  1. Level 0 = Stargate
  2. Level 10 = Protective Sensei
  3. Level 20 = Lightweight
  4. Level 30  = Power Overwhelming ULTIMATE
  5. Level 40 = Twilight of Adun
  6. 2K Streak = Khaydarin Deposition
  7. Level 50 = Energy

Stargate mastery provides a huge damage boost for Tassadar and a minor damage boost for his allies. It also provides highground vision for all heroes on the map. As discussed, the combination of Leadership perk + Absorption perk + Stargate mastery + Lightweight Equipment mastery allows the stacking of numerous protoss air support, drastically improving the time it takes for Tassadar to reach his 2500 score, and still contributing immensely towards his 25,000 ELITE score.

After level 50, Tassadar could pick Global Nuke, Reaver or Pierce the Veil for increased auto-attack range, depending on the circumstances.