Range Medium
Role Allrounder
Req. Rank 6
Active Skills Force Field, Thunderstorm, Empower, Blink
Passive Skills Prismatic Beam, Nexus Exiles, Inspire, Irradiate

Character Edit

Possibly the most flexible hero to choose is Tassadar, he can fill any role at all effectively for much of a game although he does struggle to outmatch any of the other heroes in their role by endgame. He can be a good tank early in the game although it is almost entirely on his shields, his damage is quite high although it does need to be charged up and augmented with his unlocked mastery to fit the desired output of a damage hero but he doesn't have near enough damage to out-do nova in that field by about midgame.

As for his other skills the nexus exiles will be readily apparent as an extra pushing force that can be augmented with additional talents, in particular the colossus is an extremely useful unit to any force as it can see up cliffs without getting taken out at range from anti-air like aircraft. This makes certain parts of the map much easier to capture.

His strong single target charged attack is backed up by empower and thunderstorm, two powers which can take out many enemies over a set period. This gives him additional pushing power even if your gearing more for a tank or support build.

Force Field is a more support-based power of Tassadar but very good for defending against enemy waves, allowing him to wall off ramps and separate enemy forces. Only bosses ignore the force fields, but do not break them, allowing him to separate a boss from the rest of their wave. Massive units do not break Tassadar's force fields, and thus he is excellent at holding back large waves of ultralisks, allowing allied units to destroy them without taking damage themselves.

Key Talents Edit

Masteries Edit

Ascendance Mastery Edit

This is one of the best early pushing masteries and incredibly helpful to Tassadar for almost any build possible. Adding a huge amount of DPS to early CP pushes, giving Tass the ability to either improve either his own or an allies spell damage to great effect later on, and with a little extra movement speed as a bonus,this talent helps Tassadar clear right through the early crap bases and continues to be useful all the way to late game. If it's not picked first, it should probably be picked second.

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