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Talents are additional abilities that your hero can gain throughout the game in various ways to help them improve. You are given a choice to pick one of five available talents to customize your hero. These talents vary between offensive skills, defensive skills, support, or even character abilities. Some talents are guaranteed to show up within the first few levels, such as hero abilities.

Once chosen, the list will disappear and show up once a new talent point is available. The list is static, and will retain what talents you saw previously when choosing a talent with a new choice in the slot you chose before. Once the game is over, the list will semi-randomize the available talents in the next game.

Earning Talent Points[]

Talent points are earned through a few ways:

  • Leveling up grants 1 talent point.
  • Difficulty of the current game.
  • Number of players in the game (when starting a game with less than 4 players, the game gives each player a talent point).
  • Having high rank which can award you additional talent points.
  • Destroying rubble may sometimes give a hidden talent point.
  • Choosing the All-Rounder Mastery will give you 2 immediate talent points, and 1 free talent point every 45 in-game minutes thereafter.
  • By completing some World Events (There is a 50% chance to get either minerals or a talent point).

Modular Talents[]

Some talents offer modular bonuses based off of Massacre Bonuses and other sources. These give no bonuses until chosen, and it is randomized whether or not you get the bonus on a massacre. Should you happen to have multiple modular talents, you can have more than one bonus show up at a time. While extremely rare, it is entirely possible to get multiple bonuses of the same talent if your massacre score is high enough.

Earning Modular Bonuses[]

There are multiple ways to earn a bonus, some harder than others.

  • Getting a Massacre Bonus
  • Getting a 1000 killstreak in one life will award the player with multiple bonuses
    • If you don't have a Modular Talent of any kind when you get to your 1000 killstreak, you won't gain any bonuses
    • It's unknown if you can die and reobtain the 1000 killstreak bonuses
    • It's unknown if you will lose any bonuses upon death, or multiple deaths, as the talent does state they are permanent bonuses.

List of Talents[]

Listed below are talents available to each hero, as well as talents unique to each hero.