Swann Overview[edit | edit source]

Once Swann sets up his missile perimeter properly, he deals, by far, the highest potential DPS of all heroes in the game. The best way to play Swann is to always have enemies nearby that you can Haywire. Therefore, Swann should rarely be sitting in base except to place turrets.

Swann's Perks for OS and HW[edit | edit source]

Swann for Oldschool has 3 Perks that he must definitely pick. Once beginners pick the right perks and proper masteries for Swann, they can more easily play him effectively. 

  1. Leadership
  2. Weaponsmith
  3. Compartment
  4. (Hellwalker) Absorbtion

Swann does not need Absorbtion on Oldschool for 3 major reasons:

  1. A constant swarm of mutalisks are always available for Swann to trigger his haywire missile energy regeneration. Compared to Hellwalker, locusts are far fewer in numbers compared to Oldschool, drastically reducing the likelihood of having close-by enemies inside the base when setting up defences against major events.
  2. On Hellwalker, Swann must place far more flaming betties on Hellwalker due to nightmare drops, further increasing the need for energy.
  3. You will always require compartmentalisation, the equivalent to lightweight equipment mastery. However, Swann taking absorbtion for Oldschool is over-kill for energy requirements since Swann will be placing gatlings and hellfires almost exclusively, skipping flaming betties.

Swann's Mastery Order for OS and HW[edit | edit source]

Swann's mastery order for multiplayer games is very static.

  1. Level 0 = Haywire + Free Lightweight Equipment
  2. Level 10 = Frontal Assault
  3. Level 20 = Combat Architect
  4. Level 30 = Satellite Uplink ULTIMATE unlocked
  5. Level 40 = Weakspot
  6. 2K Streak = Energy/Guerilla Protocol
  7. Level 50 = Guerilla Protocol/Energy

Swann needs Frontal Assault to successfully establish aggressive perimeters. A collection of turrets can only be established if previous turrets survive. And Frontal Assault is the logical choice as a level 10 selection. 

Setting up aggressive forward perimeters also allows Swann to keep using Haywire Missiles, since sitting back deep inside the base continuously is not the optimal way to play Swann. You must have enemies to target with Haywire Missiles to regenerate your energy.

After level 50, masteries such as Wasteland and Fists of Fury are useful for Hellwalker games. 

Comments on Swann's Masteries[edit | edit source]

Swann has 14 Masteries:

  1. Energy -> Useful after level 50 for very slow games with little enemies to Haywire. Skippable in faster games.
  2. Lightweight -> Core Mastery. Reduced cooldown for turrets.
  3. Weapons Research -> Core Mastery. Increased hellfire and gatling turrets damage.
  4. Allrounder -> Useless. Contender for last mastery to be picked
  5. Iron Man -> Useless. Contender for last mastery to be picked
  6. Guerilla Protocol -> Core Mid Game Mastery. Useful when moving from one area to a completely different area.
  7. Haywire Missile -> Core Mastery. The only Haywire Missile that is not useless in CP2 aside from Atlas’s Haywire Missiles. Regenerates energy when Swann auto-attacks
  8. Weakspot -> Core Mid Game Mastery. Ignore armor and bonus to armored targets
  9. Combat Architect -> Core Mid Game Mastery. Provides detection and fast satellite uplink tower building
  10. Satellite Uplink -> ULTIMATE Mastery
  11. Nuke -> Global nukes
  12. Frontal Assault -> Core Early Game Mastery
  13. Wasteland -> Core Late Game Mastery for HW. 90% spell damage resistance for turrets
  14. Fists of Fury -> Late Game Mastery for HW. Become immune to nightmare drops. Punch them all in the face.

The other two masteries to pick only on Hellwalker but not on Oldschool are Wasteland (13) and Fists of Fury (14).  Swann does not require Allrounder(4) and Iron Man(5).

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