CP2 Wiki
Range Melee
Role Siege
Req. Rank 3
Active Skills Place Hellfire Missile Battery, Place Gatling Turret, Place Flaming Betty, Stimpack, Construct Satellite Uplink Tower
Passive Skills Inspire, Adaptive Armor, Irradiate


As a hero Swann might seem a little limited at first to a new player with his melee attack against ground units and lack of big damage abilities but as you play him you'll find he has other strengths pretty quickly. Swann can set up a great defense so you can trigger enemy bosses and kill them rapidly.

His turrets can lay down an amazing amount of sustained damage and his hellfire turrets in particular have one of the longest range attacks in the game with enough talents which is great for both bosses and enemy hatcheries. When the enemy horde tries to press through to damage your turrets Swann can put himself between them and hold the line alone for extended periods of time with some of the strongest defense perk available to heroes thanks to adaptive armor and other skills.

In 2019 patch, Swann's turrets can attack buildings and has insane range without causing lag, a major improvement. He can also stack up to 5 turrets when not using them. Once you get Satellite Uplink, this can be used to quickly set up 4-turret kill pods. If enemies happen to run into one of yours, run to the other pods.

His Wasteland mastery, in the hands of a skilled player, guarantees that his turrets survive nukebacks, which was formerly the severe weakness of Swann.