Anvil's main skill.


  • Increases damage
  • Increases range
  • Increases damage to heroic
  • Grants splash damage


  • Greatly increases rate of fire
  • Immobile

This skill is can be buffed by the following talents,

  • Unobtainum Bolters - Attack damage and attack speed
  • Titanium Bearings - Attack speed
  • Advanced Optics - Increase attack range by 1.5
  • Depleted Uranium Shells - Attack damage

It is also buffed by the Bonus damage to _______ enemy type (example increased damage to armo

This skill can also be buffed by the following Masteries

  • Long range combat mastery - Attack damage, Vision, attack speed, Attack range (+3)
    • (Also allows global scans)
  • Asgard Training - Attack damage, Attack speed
  • Borr protocol - Splash radius increase
  • Weapons research Mastery - Attack Range increase (+1.5), Attack damage, Attack speed
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