Shadow Walker Mastery
File:Shadow Walker Mastery.png
Hero Nova
Requirements Combined Score Unlock
Description A Master Assassin must always mind her surroundings. Become one with the shadows and stay hidden from your enemies. Nova becomes permanently cloaked and gains detection.
Requirements Description Requires a combined Tank and Damage score of 2500.
Effects become permanently cloaked
can see invisible enemies
Shadow Walker Mastery is a unique mastery for Nova, which allows her to become permanently cloaked and even gain detection on cloaked and burrowed units themselves. The mastery is only available to those who achieve a combined score of tank and damage of 2500, which means this will be a late game mastery. The cloaking effect from Shadow Walker does not proc Displace's Retreat! trait.

This Mastery should be taken as soon as possible, as it not only buffs your survival by an insane amount, allowing you to play more agressive and thus do more damage, but also gives you detection, which means you do no longer need to rely on the other heroes or the BC for detection. The optimal time to take this mastery is when you reach level 40, if you're good enough to squeeze out the damage score for it.

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