Allows near by areas to be revealed for a short duration at the cost of 250 minerals and 100 energy. Useful for getting vision up a ledge at that spine crawler that is hitting you, or just simply checking ahead to see what is there, like a surprise Hive Guardian.

There is only one talent that upgrades Scanner sweep which increases the scan vision duration.

Anvil can upgrade this scan to be global with the Long Range Combat Mastery. In tandem with the Nuke Mastery, this will allow you to safely nuke out targets anywhere on the map.

  • This is extremely useful in removing ultralisk spawners, purple roach spawners, softening up or flat out deleting spine crawlers from the map.
  • Also useful for triggering the Leviathan Boss from the safety of the base.

Anvil also has the option with the Borr Mastery to reduce the mineral cost down to 150 per scan.

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