Ranger Mastery
Ranger Mastery.png
Hero Tychus
Description Your presence can be felt anywhere on the battlefield. You mastered the arts of the wild and can intervene anywhere. Greatly improves auto-attack range, psi storm can be cast anywhere on the map and you can see invisible enemies. Support Drop Auto-Turret will deal increased damage and fire over greater distances.
Effects auto-attack range
psi storm: global range
auto-turret support: range
auto-turret support: damage
see invisible enemies

This Mastery increases your auto-attack range by 2 and allows your Psionic Storm to be cast anywhere on the map as long as you have vision. It also doubles the range and damage of your auto turret and grants you detection, making it a very strong early game talent. The main reason to take this talent is for the detection and the additional range. When used in conjunction with the Weapons Research Mastery and Heavy Barrel (Optic Scope can be gotten instead of weapon research if you're lucky enough) you will achieve a range of 7.5+, allowing you to outrange Spine Crawlers and taking them down from a safe distance. This allows you to push far easier, because you don't have to worry about spines. This trick however, relies on you not having the Close Quarter Combat Mastery, as it will drop you below 7 range, unless you have Heavy Barrel, the Weapons Research Mastery and Ranger Mastery.

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