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Pyro Overview[]

(Updated to v15.3)

Pyro is an excellent frontline hero. His ability to kite enemies come from his Adaptive Armor mastery and his Heatwave ability, which allows him to slow enemies, and increase his own movement speed. He is extremely efficient in clearing hordes of weak to moderately high HP enemies, and his liberators can assist him in dealing heavy point damage. Hence he is a well-rounded hero in terms of dealing damage.

Pyro and his Liberators go hand-in-hand for every single type of game, whether its normal games, speedruns or solo games. Before his 2500 score unlock, it is his Liberators that will dish out the most damage.

After Pyro unlocks his score, he will deal massive damage to surrounding enemies because of his 'free' Firestarters that his ultimate mastery allows him to cast. His Liberators will still assist him in setting up kill zones where he can kite and kill high HP enemies and structures.

Last, but not least, his Arsenal mastery is the best support mastery in the game. Despite the existence of Aquilla's excellent Altruism, Tassadar's excellent Protective Sensei and Fury's Battlefield promotion, Arsenal provides unique benefits that significantly boosts each hero in a unique manner compared to Altruism, Protective Sensei or Battlefield Promotion.

Pyro's Perks for OS and HW[]

The optimal perks for Pyro are clear-cut:

  1. Onslaught
  2. Leadership
  3. Air Support
  4. Compartment

For quick entry of Perks at the beginning of the match, type (without quotes) "-perk olac".

There is no debate about Leadership and Onslaught.

Air Support perk benefits hugely from Leadership, and is therefore a natural pick as the 3rd perk. It also provides Pyro with highground vision without deploying Liberators and helps to clear spine crawlers to allow Pyro to better position his Liberators.

Pyro needs Lightweight Equipment mastery anyways. Therefore picking Compartmentalization perk allows him to save a mastery point to use elsewhere.

Ever since Perpetua Ignis exists, there is no need for Pyro to ever pick Tenacity, even in HW games where many deaths are to be expected and toxic hordes of bosses would appear. Additionally, Scorched Earth doubles the duration of Riders of the Apocalypse movement speed buff allowing Pyro to remain permanently buffed by auto-casting Heatwave and kite any toxic boss by late game, and not even fear other slowing effects from blue (slow) roaches and nightmares.

Pyro's Mastery Order for OS and HW[]

Once Pyro picks his 4 essential perks, his mastery order becomes very straightforward:

  1. Level 0 = Skyshield + Free Lightweight
  2. Level 10 = Adaptive Armor
  3. Level 20 = Living Torch
  4. Level 30 = By Fire Be Purged Ultimate
  5. Level 40 = Arsenal
  6. 2K Streak = Weapons Research
  7. Level 50 = Ruination 
  8. Level 60 or Hourly mastery = Global nukes + Grand Slam

For multiplayer nonspeedrun games, it is extremely important to capitalize on Pyro's greatest strength, which is to create Firestarters with his auto-attacks once he picked his ultimate mastery. Combined with Stimpack, he can deal with hordes of enemies much better than even Tychus and Fury.

Picking Living Torch at level 20 has as main benefit to provide detection and movement speed, which will be necessary especially in Hellwalker to engage Nemesis. Arsenal helps the whole team, but most importantly it grants Pyro energy regeneration and increased Firestarter damage.

Weapons Research increases the attack speed of Pyro, which, in turn boosts the frequency of Firestarter with his ultimate mastery when auto-attacking. Additionally, Weaponsmith also increases Firestarter damage by +20.

Ruination increases the attack speed of Pyro, further increasing the frequency of Firestarter with his auto-attacks.

If you feel like nuking with Pyro, you will obviously need Nuke Mastery and Grand Slam Mastery.

Comments on Pyro's other Masteries[]

Scorched Earth Mastery,[]

As at version 14.17, doubles the effects and duration of Riders of the Apocalypse. It still grants one round of massacre and power cube progress for all players for each nuke which deals 2500 damage and no friendly fire, which, for games lasting for more than an hour, is of little benefit due to the fact that massacre and power cube progress are mostly already completed for all players.

The major benefit of Scorched Earth Mastery is not for nuking, but rather, to make Rider of the Apocalypse provide a permanent movement speed buff when Heatwave is placed on auto-cast in late-game, because Scorched Earth doubles the duration of Riders of the Apocalypse.

Energy Mastery[]

Pyro rarely had energy problems (provided his Heatwave ability is not on auto-cast). With the reduction of Firestarter's base energy cost by 5, Pyro does not need Energy mastery. His energy regeneration is plentiful when his abilities are used only when needed.

There is no point justifying picking Energy mastery over other more useful masteries. Therefore, Energy mastery is now a mastery that is a late game mastery.

Perpetua Ignis Mastery[]

This mastery adds +15 seconds to Heatwave's slowing effect. The default slowing effect of Heatwave is 5s. Therefore, with Perpetua Ignis, Heatwave slows for a total of 20 seconds.

This mastery also increases the duration of Eternal Flames from the default 3 seconds to 6 seconds. Eternal Flames are cast on enemies by:

  1. Pyro's auto-attacks which deal AoE damage in a straight line.
  2. Pyro's Firestarter
  3. Liberator's with the Apocalypse Now talent
  4. Heatwave talent (each usage of Heatwave adds 5 stacks of eternal flames)

On Hellwalker, Perpetua Ignis ensures that Pyro is never caught up and overrun by toxic hordes of bosses. This means that Tenacity perk is now obsolete on Pyro.

Unfortunately, even highly experienced players would think that Perpetua Ignis is important early game mastery. But, on the contrary, since casting Eternal Flames by any means refreshes the whole stack (similar to Predator's Battlecry), it does not matter how long eternal flames last, as long as they keep being applied.

  1. Liberators can focus on structures such as hives and yagdras as well as bosses and high hp enemies, keeping up the stacks of Eternal Flames without Perpetua Ignis mastery.
  2. Pyro without his ultimate mastery can focus fire on the high HP target such as hive and yagdra and strong enemies to keep up stacks of Eternal Flames without Perpetua Ignis mastery.
  3. Pyro with this ultimate mastery can easily spread Eternal Flames via the Firestarter procreations. Targets that do not need to get stacks of Eternal Flames such as spine crawlers and low HP buildings would quickly die, and targets that remain will always keep receiving stacks of Eternal Flames. Examples of buildings are when Pyro simultaneously hits the middle hive and the adjacent ultralisk cavern, the omegalisk's and leviathan's hive and lair, and the General Hives. Examples of strong enemies are when Pyro is kiting a group of brutalisks that will always get hit in a straight line or by firestarters, allowing Eternal Flames to continously stack up.

As such, keeping up Eternal Flames is entirely possible without Perpetua Ignis, but this requires a certain level of skill to do so.

There is one exception, and this applies almost exclusively to the Heatwave talent. With Perpetua Ignis mastery, Heatwave allows Eternal flames to continuously stack on all surrounding buildings and enemies, which is something Pyro cannot do early game without his ultimate mastery. This might be an exceptional priority in solo speedrun games, but definitely not in multiplayer OS and HW games of any nature, whether speedruns or not.

Conclusion: Perpetua Ignis is only useful for kiting and damaging hoxic hordes of bosses. It is an incredibly important late-game mastery only if there are toxic hordes of bosses to be expected.

[Just for the sake of information, The Floor is Lava talent doubles eternal flames tick damage and adds bonus damage to structures. Pyrokinetics is a 5-step talent that increases eternal flames damage over time and nuke damage with each step.]