Range Low
Role Off-Tank
Req. Rank 30
Active Skills Firestarter, Heatwave, Liberation, Stimpack
Passive Skills Eternal Flames, Adaptive Armor, Inspire, Irradiate


Pyro is an Off-Tank that can easily slow down and incinerate large groups of enemies at close range, shoot a chaining beam of fire at more distant enemies, as well as order a Liberator to defend or attack a target area. His flamethrowers ignore 90% of armor, deal damage in a line and apply Eternal Flames on enemies, which is a stacking debuff that deals additional damage over time.


Adaptive Armor Mastery

Increases the duration of Adaptive Armor stacks to 11 seconds and causes each stack of Adaptive Armor to increase Pyro's maximum hitpoints by 1%.

Allrounder Mastery

Grants two free talent points instantly and two talent point every 45 minutes. Also increases Pyro's maximum energy.

Arsenal Mastery

Grants a bonus to all allied heroes, depending on their chosen class. Also increases Pyro's energy regeneration. The class-specific bonuses can only be unlocked once per game.

Big Game Hunter Mastery

Increases auto-attack damage against massive enemies by 45 and grants extra experience when killing them.

By Fire be Purged Mastery

Pyro's Score Unlock Mastery. Grants auto-attacks the chance to cast a Firestarter for free, but increases the energy cost for casting Firestarter and Heatwave manually. Eternal Flames deal bonus damage vs heroic enemies and auto-attacks deal 66 bonus damage vs light enemies.

Energy Mastery

Increases energy regeneration, energy maximum and reduces shield regeneration delay after taking damage. For pyro this is an important mastery as with energy mastery you can have heatwave on autocast. This is VERY important when kiting brutalisk, especially on Hellwalker. It also helps greatly dancing around a sentinal.

Iron Man Mastery

Prevents mineral and experience upon death. Grants a bonus to maximum life and energy over the course of 30 minutes.

Lightweight Equipment Mastery

Decreases the cooldowns of Firestarter, Heatwave, Liberation and Stimpack.

Living Torch Mastery

Increases movement speed and sight radius. Automatically applies Eternal Flames to the strongest nearby enemy every second. Heatwave has reduced cooldown and reduces enemy armor

Nuke Mastery

Nukes can be cast globally, damage a larger area and deal increased damage vs heroic enemies.

Ruination Mastery

Greatly increases Pyro's attack speed and causes Eternal Flames to reduce enemy armor

Scorched Earth Mastery

The Pyro's ability to construct nukes is greatly improved by instantly unlocking the talents: Weapon of mass destruction and improved silos. A nuke will also cause a heatwave at the center of their impact zones, slowing everything down all survivors and burning them. The heatwave is the same as the one you can cast manually.

Nukes: built instantly (provided you've got enough minerals) Nukes: you can have 2 at once Nukes: reduced mineral cost Nukes: detonation cause an additional heatwave

Skyshield Protocol Mastery

Greaty enhances Pyro's Liberators. They can attack air targets, get the greatly increased attack speed, bonus damage vs heroic and light enemies, 50% armor penetration, and take much longer to despawn.

Weapons Research Mastery

Increases auto-attack damage, attack speed and Firestarter damage.

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