CP2 Wiki
Range Low
Role Off-Tank
Req. Rank 30
Active Skills Firestarter, Heatwave, Liberation, Stimpack
Passive Skills Eternal Flames, Adaptive Armor, Inspire, Irradiate


Pyro is an Off-Tank that can easily slow down and incinerate large groups of enemies at close range, shoot a chaining beam of fire at more distant enemies, as well as order a Liberator to defend or attack a target area. His flamethrowers ignore 90% of armor, deal damage in a line and apply Eternal Flames on enemies, which is a stacking debuff that deals additional damage over time.
Pyro, much like Tychus, is an excellent kiter due to his Heatwave slow. Liberators also do tremendous amounts of damage, and Arsenal Mastery is one of the best masteries in the game, providing all other players a significant stat boost. Pyro is also unique in that he can take Scorched Earth Mastery to automatically get nuke speed without relying on RNG.