Introduction Edit

There are 8 protoss artifacts, each being randomly put into one of 3-4 pre-set locations, specific to this artifact. Each of them gives a powerful bonus and spawn archon. Each time you find an artifact, an archon is add to the spawn.

Bonuses Edit

  • CP structures have shields.
  • Increases damage of defensive structures.
  • Aircraft and Battlecruiser damage increased.
  • Barracks build times improved.
  • Infantry units upgraded.
  • Factory build times improved.
  • Mechanical units upgraded.
  • Bonus mastery point.

Bonuses may be given in a random order, except bonus mastery point being the last one.

Enemies Edit

Picking an artifact can spawn either protoss Archon(s) or Hybrid Dominator. On mental difficulty, hybrid doesn't spawn in solo game but may spawn in duo+ game. It may be especially deadly in the early game, when heroes are weak. Make sure the hero picking up the artifact is close to full health and there other heroes around that can kill it quickly.

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