CP2 Wiki

Power Cubes are small cubes which can drop from enemy units and structures. Power Cubes will provide all heroes with a permanent or temporary buff, regardless of who picked up the cube or where everyone currently is. In addition to dropping from monsters, Power Cubes will sometimes be commissioned by the CP Base and will then be available for pickup near Cpt Smoker.

Mental difficulty spawns a specific Power Cube: Increased damage and movement speed for 90 seconds.

For all other difficulties, the effects of Power Cubes can vary greatly. Here is a list of possible buffs:

  • Temporary: increase all damage done.
  • Temporary: movement speed.
  • Temporary: increased spell-damage.
  • Temporary: infinite energy.
  • Temporary: doubled life and shields.
  • Temporary: heroes are cloaked.
  • Temporary: heroes are invulnerable.
  • Permanent: small bonus to armor and shield armor.
  • Permanent: small bonus to heroes' auto-attack damage.
  • Permanent: small bonus to heroes' life regeneration.
  • Permanent: small bonus to heroes' shield regeneration.
  • Permanent: small bonus to heroes' spell damage.

Temporary buffs from this list last up to 120 seconds.

Temporary damage increasing effects and the Mental Power Cube will also increase the damage of a player's minions, support drops, Battlecruisers and the likes.

The chance to receive the all-damage-dealt temporary Power Cube is roughly 4x greater than that of all other cubes. The chance for the all-damage cube is roughly 25%. All other Cubes have roughly 7% chance to spawn.

More powerful enemies, such as bosses, have a much higher chance to spawn Power Cubes than other enemies.

Many small enemies, such as Zerglings, can not spawn Power Cubes.

The spawn chance is normalized and guaranteed after a certain amount of kills so the average amount of Power Cubes dropped will be always the same over the course of a longer game.