Tassadar's base ability which spawns protoss units.
Nexus Exiles
File:Nexus Exiles.png
Protoss warriors will periodically join battle and fight with the Crap Patrol. Army composition, strength and spawn frequency will improve as your hero gains levels.



Zealot Charge - Zealots: Charge ability and increased shields.

Superior Numbers - Larger army.

Rampage - Bonus damage vs structures.

Golden Armada - Heavily improved basic units.

Service in Death - Chance for additional Immortals.

Void Ray Hero - Chance to summon Mohandar.

Dissolving Lance - Additional Archon.

For Shakuras - Chance to spawn a group of Dark Templar.

Extended Shields - Immortals: Increased shields.

Crushing Armada - Improved Level scaling.

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