All Protoss Heroes have a Nexus Exiles as a basic ability. By default, Nexus Exiles spawn every 160-170 seconds.

Exiles are created based on a scaling power. By default, it starts at 60, plus anywhere between 1-2 times your player level.

At army level 65, 50% chance of receiving a Zealot, otherwise a Stalker

At army level 115, 50% chance of receiving an Immortal, otherwise a Stalker

At army level 150, 100% chance of receiving a Colossus

Basic Nexus Exiles spawn the following units at an Exile cost:

  • Colossus = 90 cost
  • Immortal = 70 cost
  • Stalker = 40 cost
  • Zealot = 30 cost

The rest of the unspent Exile points (if any) will spawn Zealots. 1 Zealot is always added after all Exiles have been purchased.

For example, at level 60 with Superior Numbers, Exiles will have an army value between 150 to 210. One Colossus will spawn (90), a 50% chance of an Immortal (70), and a 50% chance of a Stalker (40). The total cost is 200, so between 1 and 2 zealots will also spawn. Any additional units (below) will also spawn.

Nexus Exiles
File:Nexus Exiles.png
Protoss warriors will periodically join battle and fight with the Crap Patrol. Army composition, strength and spawn frequency will improve as your hero gains levels.


Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Time Reduction:[edit | edit source]

Golden Armada Mastery - decrease cooldown by 15 seconds

Endless Waves - decrease cooldown by 10 seconds

Player level - decrease cooldown by 0.1 seconds

Advance - each nuke has a 4% chance of sending a new wave of Exiles. Additionally every 8th nuke will send a new wave of Exiles

Additional units:[edit | edit source]

Service in Death - 50% chance of an extra Immortal, 25% chance of two.

Spearhead Mastery - 100% chance of an extra Immortal and Zealot

For Shakuras - 50% chance of an extra Dark Templar, 25% chance of two.

Stalker Support - 100% chance of extra Stalker

Archon Support - 100% chance of extra Archon

Dark Prelate - 50% chance of spawning Mohandar (Void Ray) for 180 seconds

Purification Mastery - 100% chance of extra Purifier Colossus

Reaver Mastery - 100% chance of extra Reaver

Void Treasures - 50 - 75 extra minerals

Superior Numbers - Additional 30 Army level

Crushing Armada - Additional 2/3rds Army level per player level

Other upgrades:[edit | edit source]

Dissolving Lance - Colossus: damage +10 (Heroic)

Extended Shields - Immortals: +40 shields

Nether Armor - Zealots: +7 armor, Other basic Exiles: +5 armor

Golden Armada Mastery - Zealots: +70 health, Stalkers: damage +38, Immortals: +100% attack speed, Colossus: +2 Range

Rampage - Zealots: damage +7 (Structure), Stalkers: damage +15 (Structure), Immortals: damage +30 (Structure), Colossus: damage +20 (Structure)

Zealot Charge - Zealots: Charge ability and +40 shields

Player Level - Zealots: +0.44 shields, Stalkers: damage +0.3, Colossus: +0.8% attack speed

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