Tassadar's base ability which spawns protoss units.
Nexus Exiles
File:Nexus Exiles.png
Protoss warriors will periodically join battle and fight with the Crap Patrol. Army composition, strength and spawn frequency will improve as your hero gains levels.


Upgrades Edit

Zealot Charge - Zealots: Charge ability and increased shields.

Superior Numbers - Larger army.

Rampage - Bonus damage vs structures.

Golden Armada - Heavily improved basic units.

Service in Death - Chance for additional Immortals.

Void Ray Hero - Chance to summon Mohandar.

Dissolving Lance - Additional Archon.

For Shakuras - Chance to spawn a group of Dark Templar.

Extended Shields - Immortals: Increased shields.

Crushing Armada - Improved Level scaling.

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