Messiah OverviewEdit

Messiah is the only hero in multiplayer games with the potential to reach his 2500 score in his early level 20s. Messiah can erase ground units and structures from existence with his enslaved units. His greatest weakness is having to deal with strong air enemies. For example, against the leviathan or behemoth, he is extremely ineffective.

Messiah's greatest damage source, by far, is from his enslaved units. Therefore he does everything possible to keep them alive. His ability, Rally, is crucial in that objective because it heals his enslaved units. As such, any Messiah build in multiplayer games must revolve around reducing the cooldown of Rally.

Messiah has slow abilities in the form of 'Desecrate'. He is a very good kiting hero that can control hordes of strong enemies. However, he badly needs the assistance of his allies and his enslaved units to finish those strong enemies off.

Messiah's PerksEdit

The best perks for Messiah might come as a surprise to some, but it should really not be surprising at all:

  1. Leadership
  2. Helldivers
  3. Onslaught
  4. (Hellwalker) Absorption

There is no contest about Leadership. It boosts the enslaved units and dark templars damage by 20%, which is Messiah's primary and secondary sources of damage respectively. Helldivers are also essential for Messiah.

The medic can constantly heal injured Enslaved, and the other helldivers can tank for Messiah and his enslaved units, greatly extending their lifespan, while also dealing very good damage themselves. It has already been clearly established that a huge proportion of your total damage will come from your enslaved units, not from your weak auto-attacks and your Obliterate ability. Having Onslaught therefore just a nice boost in auto-attack, Ordo Drakonis and Obliterate damage. Its main benefit will be the +20% to movement speed and the +20% to shields. 

Absorption would have been great to have in Oldschool too, but definitely not at the cost of Leadership or Helldivers or Onslaught.

Messiah's Mastery OrderEdit

The following mastery order complement's Messiah's most powerful style, which is to Enslave enemies and keep healing them:

  1. Level 0 = Enslave
  2. Level 10 = Lightweight Equipment
  3. Level 20 = Ordo Drakonis/ Shadow Stalker
  4. Level 30 = Shadow Stalker/ Ordo Drakonis
  5. Level 40 = Energy
  6. 2K Streak = Templar's Verdict
  7. Level 50 = Crusade

An expert Messiah player unlocks in the early level 20s and picks his ultimate mastery by then. If not, Shadow Stalker is the next best selection at level 20. 

Templar's Verdict is the point where Messiah should continuously spam his abilities in Hellwalker to better heal his enslaves and to keep pumping dark templars all over the map where your allies are present. Given that we already established that auto-attacks are not a priority for Messiah, we can skip Weapons Research until late game. Weapons Research increases auto-attack damage by only 30. It is a nice addition to have towards the late game only, after level 50. Just for the sake of information, the Dark Energies talent increases his auto-attack damage by a whopping 45.

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