Messiah Edit

Range Medium
Role Assault
Req. Rank 35
Active Skills Obliteration, Desecrate, Rally
Passive Skills Unknown

Strong unit that depends a lot on his shield. Messiah is also extremely good at taking out hordes of enemies. However, in harder modes, taking out the strongest enemies is more important, thus rendering him useless, especially in late game.

Messiah's selling point is his ability to enslave. In harder modes, strong enemies such as banelords, ravagers can be enslaved and apply a big buff on top of them. They can easily handle bosses if you mass the maximum amount allowed.

Basically useless in harder modes because a combination of Swann, Nova and Aquila will work. Throw in a predator and you have a party.

Has a skill that slows enemies in an area. It is a stronger version of Aquila's static cage but you won't be able to chain cast it until late game, and the range is dismal.

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