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Range Medium
Role Assault
Req. Rank 35
Active Skills Obliteration, Desecrate, Rally
Passive Skills Unknown

Messiah's selling point is his ability to enslave. 

Ever since Messiah's ability to mind control the Violent Noxious Ultralisks in the Omegalisk base was removed, his utility in Hellwalker is diminished. For Hellwalker and Oldschool, the powerful enemies that you can enslave are (from most powerful to least):

  1. HURTFUL Primal Ultralisks (Powerful Blue Ultralisks) that only come during the General Waves
  2. Primal Ultralisk Strains (Blue ultralisks)
  3. Ravagers
  4. Bane Lords
  5. Oldschool Aberration drops

There are no other enemies that are worth enslaving on Hellwalker, since you have a limit on the total number of enslaved units at any time.

Messiah's very weak DPS will mean that he will be a support healer with rally and an enemy slower with his Desecrate ability for the most of the game. Messiah's principal functionality is to make his enslaved units do the damage. Messiah can almost instantly eliminate Omegalisk bosses and Hives with his powerful Enslaved units.