Mental difficulty has a unique mechanic nicknamed "Bad Things" (called that way during difficulty selection and by the creator BlacKcuD in the patch notes introducing Mental). Every 31 minutes or whenever a player dies, random negative events will occur in addition to everything else. The twist: everytime bad things happen, they become worse.

Bad Things Occurrence Edit

Bad things happen whenever 31 minutes of ingame time have passed and whenever a player's hero dies.

Mental Bad Things Severity Edit

The actual severity of "bad things" ranges from simple Roach drops to multiple enhanced bosses spawning at the same time. Random events between the minimum and maximum severity level will happen. The minimum and maximum severity of events to happen will go up, everytime bad things are triggered. Maximum severity rises 2x faster than minimum severity. For example, after 31 minutes and 3 player deaths, maximum severity is 4 and minium severity is 2.

Possible Events by Severity Edit

Maximum severity starts at 1 and goes up every 31 minutes or whenever someone dies. Minimum severity will grow slower, but ultimately lead to only the stronger events happening. Starting maximum and minimum severity is 1. Here is a list of possible events by severity:

  1. Roach Drop Pods
  2. Aberation Drop Pods
  3. Raptor Zergling Attack
  4. Spine Crawler Drop Pods
  5. Single weak random event (Zergling, Roach or Aberation Drop Pods)
  6. Hive Guardian attack wave
  7. Single weak random event
  8. Two stronger random events (Broodlords, Guardians, Spine Crawler or Roach Drop Pods, Mega Banelings)
  9. One stronger Brutalisk spawns (increased damage, armor, life and movement speed)
  10. One stronger Omegalisk spawns
  11. Two regular Omegalisks spawn
  12. Hive Guardian attack wave
  13. Two regular Brutalisks spawn
  14. Hive Guardian attack wave
  15. One stronger Brutalisk spawns
  16. One stronger Omegalisk spawns
  17. - 20. Insanely strong and fast Omegalisk and Brutalisks spawn (heavily increased speed, quadrupple damage, life and armor)

When additional Burtalisks or Omegalisks spawn, they have to be handled and killed before the map is set to complete. A good group with a skilled Predator can eventually overcome them, but it will cost them a lot of time

4 Hour Soft Enrage Edit

Bad things will happen frequently for several minutes and gain a large increase in severity after game time has hit the 4 hour mark.

6 Hour Hard Enrage Edit

After 6 hours on Mental, the game is usually over, as the amount and severity of Bad Things will trigger every minute. In addition, attack-speed, life, attack-range and damage of all enemy units, structures and bosses will increase by a huge margin.

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