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TASS Empower Unlock
Hero Tassadar
Description New active ability: Empower!
Tags new active skill

Let Tassadar cast Empower on other heroes or on himself. If other heroes picked Bug Zapper then this skill will not apply.

Effect: empowered heroes or units periodically emit a Mjolnir burts dealing 80 damage. The damage scales to hero's level.

In multiplayer, this is useful for other players who can't pick Empower because they have better perks to pick. However, 70% of non-pro players pick empower at the beginning, and auto-cast will cast on Tassadar, this skill usually only useful for very few heroes.

Mjolnir burts have short range, and short range heroes typically picked Empower talent or have crowd control skills, so it's not very useful for them.

Proper coordination is important in multiplayer with Tassadar on the team so other heroes don't waste a perk for empower.

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