Enemy units and structures around you in an area slightly larger than your attack range are irradiated and take damage over time. Irradiate Aura's damage intensifies the longer the targets stay within range and ramps up more quickly if several Irradiate Auras are present.


Irradiate is a passive aura learnable by all heroes. It causes all enemies within 7 range to take 4 damage per second (-3 vs Structures). The damage from Irradiate stacks with itself up to three times, up to 12 damage per second (3 vs Structures). Because of his melee range and limited attack damage, Irradiate is one of Predator's primary sources of damage and kills, allowing it to very easily take on and (slowly) kill entire armies of CP forces.

Irradiate ImprovementsEdit

  • Megaman: Increases radius by 2
  • DSL Class Toxins: Increases damage against Heroic targets by 3 per stack. (+9 at 3 stacks)
  • Toxic Waste: Increases damage by 6 per stack, removes the -3 damage vs structures, and increases radius by an unknown value at this time.
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