Iron Man Mastery
Iron Man Mastery
Hero TychusSwannTassadar
Major Anvil
Description You are a battle hardened fighter determined to stay alive. For every minute alive on the field you will gain a small bonus to maximum life. Should you die, you will no longer suffer any mineral or experience penalties. It takes 30 minutes to gain all life bonuses.
Effects life bonus every minute
no longer lose minerals upon death
no longer lose experience upon death
Iron Man Mastery has different value depending on the chosen Hero and difficulty, but it is especially useful for tank Heroes like the Predator and Pyro. It's main purpose is to allow Heroes who died to not suffer certain death penalties, such as losing minerals and XP.

Additionally every minute for the next 30 minutes your Hero gains permanent bonuses to maximum life and energy.

After fully completing the Mastery your hero gains resistance to Snare debuff and Toxic Gas aura . Purple roaches apply Snare with each attack thus reducing Hero's movement speed and attack speed by 50% for 15 seconds. Certain bosses possess Toxic aura which damages all units around them and also slows those units to 50% of their movement speed. Reduced movement speed is very dangerous for tanks, who need to kite bosses and survive under continuous incoming zerg drop pods. With Iron Man movement speed penalty is reduced to 7% while attack speed penalty remains the same.

Tenacity perk allows you to take Iron Man Mastery at the start of the game without the need to spend a Mastery Point but takes away one Talent Point in exchange.

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