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Purpose Edit

This guide is mainly focused on the Hero Perks and Hero Mastery Orders for Oldschool and Hellwalker games. I am writing this guide to give players seeking to improve, a head-start with optimal perks and mastery orders for their heroes.

This guide applies to:

  1. Oldschool and Hellwalker games
  2. Multiplayer games (Not solo)
  3. Normal games (Not speedruns)

Intended audience of the guideEdit

This guide applies to Oldschool and Hellwalker games. No matter how experienced you are, you will definitely learn something reading this guide.

Why read the guide? Edit

As from version 14.8, those perks and mastery orders are optimal. They have been tested countless times and numerous top players such as Rockz, Mipam, Harmonica, Onyxut, Mayxz, Tankz, Blackcud(as a developer) have provided feedback on them. For Nova and Anvil, there are close calls between specific perks.

Credibility is extremely important. That is why you should only take advice from actual experts. Having worked on all heroes for Inferno, Oldschool and Hellwalker difficulties in the highest levels of the game, I am confident that those guides are 99% solid. I have included the Achivements on a Timeline section to show the important breakthroughs that happened after my painstaking efforts to optimise the hero builds and the optimal paths and strategies for multiplayer speedrun games. 

A prerequisite to knowing the optimal perks and mastery orders is complete knowledge of the game mechanics. Being the number 1 ranked player in the leaderboards, from 4-player to 3-player to 2-player to solo (using the hardest hero on the hardest difficulty) would not be possible without being an expert at the game.

Retirement from the gameEdit

I have retired from the game due to 2 main reasons:

  1. Lack of serious competition, both in multiplayer and solo games. I always aimed for the toughest challenges. And completing the hardest difficulty with the hero that is by far the most difficult to use properly was the ultimate challenge.
  2. Gradual fallout with the developer, Blackcud and the 2 moderators, Tankz and LeBlobber over several game design issues. Final straw was the deletion of a post they did not agree with, with the excuse that the said post contained gambling advertisements. Despite several requests by other discord channel members including myself to substantiate those allegations, the contents of the deleted post was not revealed publicly on the server. 

Achievements on a TimelineEdit

  1. In "Legacy" season, SzMaGus did a respectable 2H35, beating the previous 2H50 WR Hellwalker.
  2. In "Legacy" season, I made a solo 2H12 WR Hellwalker, setting a new Milestone to trigger the General + the Angry Brutalisk at the same time, after the Brain Bug's Death.
  3. In "Legacy" season, I subsequently guided teams to a 2H01 WR Hellwalker, using that knowledge of my solo HW run.
  4. In "Preseason", I made a 1H18 solo WR Hellwalker with Predator, setting a new Milestone to trigger the General via the Island.
  5. In "Preseason", I subsequently guided teams to a 1H07 WR Hellwalker, using that newfound knowledge of my predator HW run.
  6. In "Protoss Reinforcements", I guided teams to a 50m48s WR Hellwalker.
  7. In "Protoss Reinforcements", Tankz made a 53m00s solo WR Hellwalker with the newly released hero, Dune, setting a new Milestone with using General Nukes against the General. 
  8. In "Intermission 1", I made a 43m54s solo WR Hellwalker with Dune.
  9. In "Intermission 1", I subsequently guided teams to a 54m38s 2-player WR Hellwalker, using the solo WR Hellwalker as template.
  10. In "Intermission 1", I subsequently guided teams to a 57m24s 3-player WR Hellwalker, using the solo WR Helwalker as template.
  11. In "Intermission 1", I subsequently guided teams to a 48m57s 4-player WR Hellwalker, using the solo WR Hellwalker as template.
  12. In "Intermission 1", I subsequently guided teams to a 29m00s WR Oldschool, combining my knowledge with Harmonica's knowledge and very useful insights after long conversations with him.
  13. In "Intermission 1", I subsequently guided teams to a 26m09s WR Inferno, again with the insights of Harmonica.

The Milestones above are relevant to Hellwalker, Oldschool and Inferno, which are the classic and longest standing difficulties of the game.  "Season 1-Prestige" introduced different mechanics, but unfortunately, resume from replays were used at important points in the game, such as deaths. The only accepted exception to resuming from replay is during the cinematics during the first 15 seconds of the game. For solo games, this is done to make the player's computer host the game, rather than having a server do so, resulting in 0 ping for competitive solo games. For multiplayer games, this was done when essential talents are present for particular heroes, reducing the number of remakes just to obtain the said talents. In other words, for multiplayer games, resuming from replay is a form of RNG mitigation.

The current 48m57s WR time for 4-player and the current 57m24s 3-player Hellwalker can still be massively improved upon. See the Guide to all Hero Perks for Speedrun Games to understand why.  On the other hand, both the absolute solo WR times and the absolute 2-player WR times are quite close to optimal, although still beatable, but by narrower margins compared to the 4-player and 3-player absolute best times.

Last, but not least, multiplayer speedrunning would not be possible without the contribution of other top players to play their assigned heroes efficiently. Therefore, credits go to Maxyz, Mipam, Harmonica, Onyxut and Tankz for being excellent team players in the World Record runs.

Open ChallengeEdit

I would more than happily accept any challenge:

  1. With any hero
  2. For any difficulty whether Oldschool to Nemesis Episodes
  3. Provided that $1000 is at stake

Without the intention to sound arrogant, I do not want to be bothered by weak challengers which I will beat by margins of minutes. Therefore, I am open to winning(or even losing) to an extremely good player, but I would not like to waste my time on all sorts of trivial challenges, hence the $1000 winner-takes-all approach.

It is also preferable to use the hardest heroes such as Dune , who has the highest skill ceiling, by far, even compared to Messiah. That being said, ANY HERO is fine for the open challenge. 

Messiah follows as a distant second since it is not trivial to control a hero and 3 enslaves. However, since no enslaves can clear any base on their own, and enslaves benefit immensely from Inspire and Allied Formations, it becomes much easier to play Messiah compared to Dune. Enslaves gain almost double the DPS from Inspire and Allied Formations when Messiah is around, meaning Messiah and Minions very rarely split up. Then you have the rest of the heroes, who are still not trivial to speedrun, but far easier compared to Messiah, who is, in turn, far easier than Dune.

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