Hero Summaries Edit

When Hellwalker was first introduced, Protoss heroes were blocked from play. They have been enabled since version 11.13. For in depth strategies, please see GhostDragon's Guides.

Tychus: Edit

Tychus is very weak to start with, but his damage ramps up significantly once he gets Psionic Warrior Mastery. A common tactic is to take Onslaught and Absorption for extra speed, damage, and frequent escalates. Tychus is an excellent kiter, as he can outrun virtually any enemy and with Mindbender Mastery, those enemies will be slowed.

Tassadar: Edit

Tassadar's greatest strengths are his force fields that block non-heroic ground units such as omega sentinels, elder hive guardians, and hive guardians. His Protective Sensei mastery offers to opportunity to save 1 ally from death.

On multiplayer Hellwalker, his exiles, even when coupled with his Golden Armada mastery and Reaver mastery are only significant if the whole team pushes with them. They are very vulnerable to every single enemy in the map, whether it is roaches, zerglings or mutalisks. That is why solo Hellwalker games with Tassadar are very effective with strong exiles from Golden Armada and Reaver masteries, whereas exiles barely make a difference in multiplayer hellwalker games where the hordes of banelings and yagdras would quickly kill the reavers.

Due to his versatile nature, Tassadar's optimal strategies differ wildly between solo games and multiplayer games.

Nova: Edit

Nova's buff in 12.5 makes her one of the best hero in the game. Once she has vision with Anvil's Scan ability, she can start bosses by simply marking them. Additionally with Armageddon Mastery her nukes cost significantly less than any other player and she has 99% damage reduction from nukes.

Swann: Edit

Swann can set up a great defense so you can trigger enemy bosses and kill them rapidly. His Wasteland mastery, in the hands of a skilled player, guarantees that his turrets survive nukebacks, which was formerly the severe weakness of Swann.

Predator: Edit

Predator is extremely powerful for its tanking prowess and Unstoppable Force Mastery. Upon reaching unlock, the predator's Battlecry adds a damage reduction of 65% per stack of Battlecry, making nukebacks do virtually no damage, and ravager shots barely hurting. If under an Odin shield with Predator, virtually nothing can kill you. Additionally, Predator can use blink to trigger the General without going through the Brain Bug base and triggering the Angry Brutalisk

Major Anvil: Edit

Anvil at his core is a stealth nuker with high DPS onced sieged. Due to nukebacks on Hellwalker, it is not recommended you nuke until the team can survive the nukebacks. Generally Anvil's role is to scan and start bosses/clear bases without ever activating the buildings such as Ultralisk Caverns and some Hives that spawn dangerous enemies.

Aquila: Edit

Aquila is not particularly strong in Hellwalker as some of her best benefits cause issues. Having additional Masteries in Hellwalker isn't always the best idea due to Mastery retaliations. Her Blades of Aiur are still strong, but useless against toxic bosses like Omegalisk and Brain Bug.

Fury: Edit

Fury received a major buff after Hellwalker was released to provide a more powerful ultimate Mastery that increases the damage of BFG explosion significantly.

Pyro: Edit

Pyro, much like Tychus, is an excellent kiter due to his Heatwave slow. Liberators also do tremendous amounts of damage, and Arsenal Mastery is one of the best masteries in the game, providing all other players a significant stat boost. Pyro is also unique in that he can take Scorched Earth Mastery to automatically get nuke speed without relying on RNG.

Messiah: Edit

Ever since Messiah's ability to mind control the Violent Noxious Ultralisks in the Omegalisk base was removed, his utility in Hellwalker is diminished. The powerful enemies that you can enslave are (from most powerful to least)

  1. HURTFUL Primal Ultralisks (Powerful Blue Ultralisks) that only come during the General Waves
  2. Primal Ultralisk Strains (Blue ultralisks)
  3. Ravagers
  4. Bane Lords
  5. Oldschool Aberration drops

There are no other enemies that are worth enslaving on Hellwalker, since you have a limit on the total number of enslaved units at any time.

The ideal army takes about an hour to assemble. And in the meantime, Messiah's very weak DPS will mean that he will be a support healer with rally and a possible slower for the most of the game. In the end-game, the only thing that Messiah can do better than other heroes would be to almost instantly eliminate Omegalisk bosses and Hives with ravager shots.

Dune: Edit

Dune can greatly speed up the game by starting bosses early and teleporting home without dying, all while healing Cpt Smoker and other Odins. Additionally, like Predator, he can start the General early without triggering the Angry Brutalisk.

However, Dune is the hero which, by far, requires the most experience to use.

New Mechanics Edit

Punishment Drops Edit

Hellwalker introduces Punishment drops/spawns that increase in severity as you play the game by increasing a "bad things" counter. There are 8 triggers that cause these drops to occur: 

  1. Any player death (3x -1 to +1)
  2. Staying in game 1 hour (2x +0 to +1)
  3. Trigger Final Boss (3x +0 to +2), End of Final Boss spawns (6x +0 to +2)
  4. Hurt Final Boss (5x -2 to +1)
  5. Elite Bruta Death (1x -2)
  6. BB/Levi Lairs and Hives Death (1x +0)
  7. Any Major Boss (3x +0 to +2)
  8. SE Omegalisk Hive Death (1x +0)

Additionally, the severity of the drops increase based on the following triggers: 

  1. Any player death
  2. Brutalisk Death
  3. Omegalisk Death
  4. SE Omegalisk Hive Death
  5. Leviathan Death
  6. Brain Bug Death
  7. General Activation
  8. General Death

The "bad things" severity counter starts at 1 when the game starts, and increases based on the triggers above. For example, if you die at the start of the game, all players will get 2 roach drops on top of them. If a second player dies, then all players will get 2 roach drops and Violent Air units (Guardians/Broods) will spawn in the middle of the map. A third death would only spawn 1 roach drop, Violent Air units, and Spine Crawlers. 

  1. Roaches 
  2. Roaches 
  3. Brood Lords 
  4. Spine Crawlers 
  5. Roaches 
  6. Spine Crawlers 
  7. Hive Guardians 
  8. Spine Crawlers (growing) 
  9. Brood Lords 
  10. Hive Guardians 
  11. Omegalisks 
  12. Nightmares 
  13. Brutalisks 
  14. Cerebrate Sentinels 
  15. Toxic Omegalisks 
  16. Toxic Brutalisks 
  17. Toxic Boss Horde 

As you play, killing bosses will increase this value. At 4 deaths, the General will spawn Brutalisks if you've cleared all other bosses and the Omegalisk Hive, making the General waves extremely difficult. You will need to fight Brutalisks while dealing with a lot of Hybrids that will lift you, making you likely to die to Corrosive Bile.

Mastery Retaliation Edit

Each mastery taken spawns a retaliation wave, which spawns from the center of the map (or from the General Hive after the General has been triggered). The types of enemies that spawn depend on the number of masteries a player has acquired according to the table below. Note that Tenacity and Weaponsmith Perks are not "taken" and do not trigger a retaliation wave, but they do count towards total masteries taken.  

For example, if Anvil takes Compartmentalization, Tenacity, and Weaponsmith perks, then proceeds to take Lightweight and two other masteries at the start of the game, he will spawn 3 waves of Violent Hunterlings and one Violent Ravager, as he has 5 total masteries learned.    



Violent Hunterlings

(per player)





Violent Hybrid


1+ Yes
5+ Yes Yes
8+ Yes Yes Yes
10+ Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Violent Hunterlings will be created for each player and attack each player in succession as they are created, with a few seconds between each. This means that the last player will be targeted by all of the Hunterlings shortly after they are all created. It is recommended to either kite the banes and kill them with toxic waste or dodge them and let them suicide on the CP forces. Anvil and Nova can cloak, which can also help them be a lure if they are in the last position. 
  • At 5+ masteries, a Cloaked Violent Ravager will spawn with the Hunterlings. Since it does 3x damage, the corrosive bile will generally kill any hero in one hit. You can use the corrosive bile to kill the Ravager itself.  
  • At 8+ masteries, a Cloaked Violent Nemesis will spawn with the Hunterlings and Ravager. They do around 1000 damage, so without block mastery you will die quickly if you engage them. 
  • At 10+ masteries, a Violent Hybrid Dominator will spawn with all the enemies listed above. At this point in the game, additional masteries can be extremely dangerous to take, and often don't speed up the game significantly enough to make it worth taking.  

Unique Units Of This Mode Edit

Locusts (Flesheaters) Edit

Locusts have a change to spawn when the CP complete any building, as long as the Leviathan is still alive. Locusts have a 90% armor piercing attack, making armor negligible and can quickly kill a hero if they are not paying attention. 

Ravagers Edit

Ravagers are invisible, but very lethal. Corrosive Bile increases damage as the game goes on longer, and most of the Ravagers you will meet are from masteries and Violent, meaning they do 3x damage. Corrosive Bile starts out near 1000 damage base. 

Trap 6 will spawn normal cloaked Ravagers as well, which do significantly less damage than the Violent ones, but are still dangerous. 

Damaging the Hybrid General at any point will spawn a Ravager as well. 

Nemesis Edit

Nemesis are cloaked flying Hybrid that do 300 damage to Heroic units, so are quite deadly to heroes without block.  

In addition to the Violent Nemesis spawned by Mastery Retaliations, regular Nemesis are patrolling the Omegalisk base, outside the Leviathan base, and will spawn for ~10 minutes after starting the Leviathan Boss.  

Nightmares Edit

Nightmares are Infested Terran that do 80-100 damage and attack quickly. After level 40, they will spawn on every 80 building kills. They will announce themselves before dropping, giving you time to find a Planetary Fortress or another Hero with 60+ armor to stand next to. You can also run away from them, but they will all chase a random hero.

In all other difficulties a 4000 kill streak would give you a Protoss Fleet reward. In Hellwalker, once a player reaches 4000 kills, there will be a double Nightmare drop as punishment instead, so keep an eye on kill streaks and time them properly when fighting bosses.

Yagdra Edit

The Yagdra is a new structure in Hellwalker. As with other enemy spells, the Yagdra attack ignores armor, so they can quickly kill end game Odins, and there are a number of traps that spawn Yagdras in key locations throughout the map. Yagdra's detection range is smaller than its attack range, so Anvil and Nova can attack it without being detected. Yagdras will rapidly heal when not under attack and get progressively more difficult the more you spawn.

Since Yagdra are so strong, they can be used to stop the CP from triggering bosses, and can be found in the following locations:

These two serve as progress control so you have time to level up:

  • West right outside your base (before the brutalisk hive)
  • East right before the hill to the lair

The rest:

  • Two Yagdras on high ground right before you hit the middle hive (next to Hive Guardian spawning point)
  • Omegalisk base (on the same level as the lair)
  • The hatchery next to the bridge with a lot of scrap.
  • Right outside entry to Leviathan base
  • On the middle island that connects boss base and the middle area.
  • Three Yagdras on the wall outside boss base. The north one can be ignored.
  • One on the East wall in the boss base. You should be fine if you can reach this point in the game.

Brutalisks Edit

All Brutalisks in this mode shoot Corrosive Bile like Ravagers. The Angry Brutalisk and Elite Brutalisks in the Brain Bug base do extra damage compared to the standard Brutalisks spawned.

In addition to the usual Brutalisk bosses in the Brain Bug base and the first "normal" Brutalisk boss, more Brutalisks can spawn from punishment drops, or they will spawn when you damage the General's shields down to 0.

The Elite Brutalisks are especially dangerous, as when they die they will spawn Hybrids on all the players and will trigger a Punishment spawn.

Behemoth Edit

After you've killed the Brain Bug, a large Leviathan will attack. The Behemoth has 78 armor, so very little will damage it, and in 3-4 player games the Behemoth will aggressively attack a random hero. It is recommended to stand close to other CP units so they can tank hits from the Behemoth, as non tank heroes will have difficulty running away from the Behemoth's attack.

Detailed Timing schedule Edit

  1. When you enter the game the base is under attack by Mutalisks. So as soon as you picked the perks for you hero go right away to the primary fortress and kill those Mutalisks. It is very important to walk around the Mutalisks and kill them from behind, otherwise you'll be killed instantly. If you don't kill the mutalisks, the Orbital Command will die on 3-4 player games. After Quite quickly after you've dealt with the multalisk a small nydus worm pops up in the base and ultralisks pop out. do NOT take them on, or you'll die very quick. The best place to wait is north west in the base. As soon as that's safe go back in, because more mutalisks will come in and you need to kill them too. Many games end in the beginning. Either the base is destroyed by the mutalisk and/or ultralisks, or someone dies in the beginning spawning a whole lot of roaches and causing a chain effect so other die too. 
  2. At approximately 3:27 many spines will drops right in front of the base and Hunterlings will attack the base.
  3. 9:27 roach drops, hug a fortress or be away when you don't have armor mastery. 
  4. At 10:47, Raptorlings will spawn in the middle of the map and attack the base from the north. Shortly afterwards Air will attack as well. 
  5. 14:17 Utralisk drop (Brown). Every 14 minutes thereafter, there will be a stronger Ultralisk. 
  6. 28:17 Ultralisk drop (Blue). 
  7. 33:07 spine drops with spore crawlers and every 32:50 after that. 
  8. 42:17 Ultralisk drop (Purple). 
  9. 56:17 Ultralisk drop (Green) 
  10. 1:00:17 Punishment drop at Current and +1 severity level. 
  11. 1:05:57 spine drops with spore crawlers. 
  12. 1:10:17 Ultralist drop (2x Brown) 

Traps Edit

Trap 1: Edit

Raptorlings. 50% chance of triggering when entering the location. After 1-20 raptorling waves coming from the east/north side, Yagdra will spawn on the hatchery and prevent CP forces from progressing to the Brutalisk Hatchery. There is also a 50% chance of triggering the 2nd part of the trap which will cause raptorling waves coming from the north/west area. You can repeatedly walk in and out of the area to trigger this trap. Fury mines will also trigger this nearly every time.


Trap 1: Raptorlings

This Yagdra can also easily kill the Odins, so it is a good way to earn score in the beginning of the game for Anvil and Nova if they aren't doing anything else.

Trap 4 Edit

Roaches. After activating the roach trap 4 by killing 4/7 key units, roaches will spawn on the high ground above the scrapyard. After the roaches have fully spawned, additional Guardians will spawn, along with Bane Lords.


Trap 4: Roaches

In previous versions, Trap 4 also released Hive Guardians, but those were replaced with Bane Lords.

Trap 6 Edit

Ultralisk Waves. After activating scrapyard trap 6 by killing 4/7 key buildings, Brown Ultralisks will attack the south entrance, for 100 to 300 seconds, after which 3 Ravagers and 3 Hybrid per player will attack the closest Hero. Since 4 of the buildings are required to complete the game, it is better to start this trap earlier in the game than later.


Trap 6: Ultralisk Waves

These ravagers are not the 3x Violent Ravagers you normally face when taking masteries, and as such are much easier to kill, and you can likely survive one of their bile shots.

Trap 19 Edit

Leviathan. The Leviathan can be trigger in two ways: through damage or by stepping on trap 19's location. The location will also start the creep spawners in the base, notably an ultralisk den that spawns 2 blue Primal Ultralisks periodically. The easiest way to trigger the Leviathan without activating the base is to nuke.


Trap 19: Leviathan

You can kill the creep tumor and spawn the "fun base" for vision for the rest of the game. You won't activate the Leviathan unless you walk down the 2nd ramp.

Trap 20 Edit

Angry Brutalisk. By walking on trap 20 location, you'll activate the base spawns and the Angry Brutalisk, which moves from the Elite Brutalisk base through the Leviathan base, then straight to the Orbital Command.


Trap 20: Angry Brutalisk


Elite Brutalisk/Brain Bug spawners

It is recommended to nuke the weak spawners or kill them prior to going into the base. The Ultralisk Den that spawns 2x Blue Ultras can be especially dangerous if left unchecked. There is a small ledge that Protoss and Predator can blink to in order to nuke the Brain Bug without taking Nuke Mastery or triggering trap 20 and starting the Angry Brutalisk.

Final Trap: Edit

Hybrid General. The general has 2 trap locations that overlap in two separate areas. Upon normal play, once walk past the first bridge, you'll likely cause a massive nuke event which makes the Hybrid General's base vulnerable to kill. You can also walk around through the Elite Brutalisk base and activate the General's spawns as well as your own Odins without actually triggering the nuke event.


General Defense Location


Activate General Spawns Location

The Final Boss spawns are as follows:
  • 3 Hive Guardians
  • 40 Strong Random Events (Brood Lords, Banelings, Spine Drop, Larvae Drop, Ultralisk Drop, or 3 Hive Guardians)
  • 30-35 Blue Primal Ultralisks
  • Hunterling Squad
  • 15-18 Large Banelings
  • Brood Lords
  • Spine Drop
  • 8-11 Large Roaches
  • 3-5 Large Queens
  • Ultra Drop
  • Spine Drop
  • Large Noxious Green Ultralisk (does a 400 damage poison nova every 10 seconds)
  • Hunterling Squad
  • Odin for defense
  • Repeat the previous three creations twice per player.
  • Omega Sentinel
  • Hunterling Squad
  • Repeat the previous two creations once per player.
  • 15-20 Hybrid Dominators
  • Raptorling Squad
  • Baneling Squad
  • Nightmare Drop
  • 3 Hive Guardians
  • Hybrid event (on player)
  • Random Boss Event (Spine Drop, 3 Hive Guardians, Brood Lords, Ultralisk Drop)
  • Boss Punishment Drop
  • Nemesis
  • 3-5 Ultralisk Drops
  • Hybrid event (on player)
  • Boss Punishment Drop

After damaging the Hybrid General, he will also periodically spawn a ravager, 3 nemesis, and a hybrid. The series of events takes about 10 minutes that you essentially need to survive and prevent the Hive Guardians from backdooring your base.

Bosses and Route Edit

  • Highly recommend to always push with Crap Patrol NPCs. It is certainly the not the fastest way, but it is mostly the safest way.
  • It is safer to push out north, kill north yagdra, trigger Ultralisks on Scrapyard, then Brutalisk. Open North from lowground with Highground vision then clean up the middle Lair area without destroying it. Do the Roach hill from behind and clean up the map before triggering Omegalisk.
  • You can kill the Hive where Hive Guardians spawn and the hidden lair. They will only trigger spawn waves and open the blockade on Western Hills.
  • You'll easily hit 60 before omega, 50 before Roach hill and Brutalisks is the easiest trigger. Basically, the south-east yagdra that triggers 3 hybrid spawns will block your Crap Patrol from triggering anything to soon allowing you to clear almost the entire map before triggering omega. (Or you can kill this Yagdra and leave the one in front of your base alive)
  • Really, keep that yagdra alive till you want to trigger Omegalisk. Omegalisk is the only hard part before "final" wave. This helps a lot.
  • After triggering Brutalisk by either attacking him or killing his hatch you'll get 4 Nydus worms on each player. 3 of them will spawn in rapidly and spawn Ultralisks, Queens or purple Ultralisks. The 4th will be delayed and each spawn an Omegalisk. For most matches it is helpful to kill those before Units come out of them. Nova with six drones can kill them easily. However, for other heroes, you can wait down the front ramp where 4 Planetary Fortresses are in range. They will make quick work of the worms. Add a liberator or battlecruiser for safety. No worm, no Omegalisk.
  • Toxic-gas Omegalisk from Omega's Lair should die as fast as possible. The Leviathan that spawns during that trigger is not too aggressive. It will usually stop right outside base and attack a single building as it goes. You get a lot of drops. Easiest way to handle the drops is probably outside your east wall near the place where the first yagdra died.
  • Nuking Leviathan is highly recommended, since it does not trigger his base and you'll have less lag. A lot less lag. Nuke mastery on level 60 with decent Nuke talents or anvil solves this.
  • A brutalisk will appear if you go left from Leviathan's base.
  • Brain Bug, Behemoth and Harvester are easy.
  • Brutalisks friendly fire themself and everything else with Bile. Except Angry and Elite, they don't bile themselves - however they can kill their own base in seconds.
  • The hybrid general can teleport itself outside base. If you get the RUUUUNNNNNNNNN event and run to the brutalisk base north, you might get killed by the general as he teleports. Then when you are revived, the nukes will kill you again or multiple times. This is GG, so don't die when you get this event.

General - Boss 5 Edit

The new practice is to release the general ASAP. If you've got a Dune, it can be done in 3:30 or at least before 7 minutes in play time. Dune can teleport back to base upon releasing the general. He'll need conservator mastery in order to cast a shield over Smoker. Please do remember no other odins will come to up this way until the big waves are coming. If you don't have a dune, it's likely a better idea to first get and kill the Brain Bug (Boss 4), when he's dead odins will keep spawning. When you died 3 times or more, brutalisks and Omegalisks will spawn as well. With more death, more of them will spawn upon releasing the general with Toxic clouds. Odins or NO match against brutalisks, they'll die in seconds. You'll get frequent drops consisting of ultralisks, nightmares and other fun. Stay in the bubble (shield of the odins) to be save as long as no brutalisks are lose. After a small while the big zerg waves will start that end with I WILL END YOU huge ultralisks, these can kill odins. After that you'll get a multiple waves of nightmare dropping. They'll come in preparation for the possibly the most deadly event during the general: The Hybrid event. When the hybrid event begins, depending the amount of players, hybrids appear around EVERY player. When you play with a 2 player game, two hybrids appear around each player, 3 with three player and 4 with 4 player. You'll be lifted and you cannot walk or do you stuff, be in the shield of the odins. Very shortly after each player will get very heavy drops of purple and then green ultras. You'll need to be in the shield of the odins. However, when you died 4 times and more, with this event Brutas will appear as well, if you're lifted .... they'll kill you. No kiting. Only Anvil at that point can kite them. So kill ALWAYS the hybrids ASAP.

Final-Wave Edit

In most games you'll get some kind of Final-wave event which is mostly based on deaths. If you see a wave of bosses coming from final Hybrid lair or an emote that you'll get hybrids soon (purple text) at the final hold then you know that it is happening right now. It is recommended that your team runs back to base while one of your teammembers collects Brutalisks- they simple run to the closest player, so basically he just has to wait outside your base. Recommended to wait a bit further outside so that no Brutalisk that spawns will ever reach an Odin. If you don't have Brutalisks - ignore this part.

However, no matter how many deaths it is recommended to stay near Odins to force any Ulralisk drop to attack them. They're immune to any damage except spell damage - including Bile from Ravagers, Nukes, Brutalisks Biles, Toxic cloud. Especially, Toxic clouds from 40 spawned Ultralisks are the thing you should worry about. Ultralisks from this event spawn in rapid succession. The green ones spawn directly after purple ones and that is the dangerous part.

Last but not least, the Units that spawn from the last base split after the long bridge. Hive guards prefer your east base entrance, everything else runs into Odins. You should be prepared to 8 Hive Guards crushing your east entrance if your Odins are far away from the bridge. In case you have Brutalisks the simple split is: 1 player takes Bosses, 2 players handle the odin push, 1 player takes care of east entrance while making sure that his ultralisk drops don't do more any harm. Air units leaking directly to your planetary fortress destroying it and the command center will happen on the start of the odinspawn and everytime your odin push gets crushed.

Don't pick a mastery during boss wave, or you will lose or get pushed back a lot. The ravagers' bile are just as strong as brutalisks' bile, plus Odins don't move and they are usually busy dealing with the bosses. If you don't die in the game, usually your Odins will group up on top of the Western Hills. This means most drops get far in your base. Once the ravagers push back your Odin wave, the boss wave will destroy your base and drop pods will kill CP HQ. There is too much space to cover once they get into your base.


Final wave is:

Boss Punishment spawns before the "usual" final wave which consists of big monsters ending with fat green ultralisks. Followed by a wave of hybrids an emote of hybrids spawning near you and another boss punishment spawn.

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