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Helldivers are an elite Terran mercenary group consisting of the mercenary version of the Marine, Marauder, Firebat, Goliath, and Medic. They will follow you around the map.

Major benefits:[]

  1. You can no longer get other drop talents (reducing the amount of unwanted talents in your pool)
  2. They have a block passive, so they cannot take more than 50 damage from any attack. (Does not apply to spell damage, such as toxic aura or Yagdra's fire blast)
  3. They only take 50% damage from spells
  4. Relatively high DPS against ground targets
  5. Kills from Helldivers count for you for massacre bonuses, just like air support.


  1. The Helldiver AI isn't perfect and works in two modes: Attack and Move. If you're in the move mode, the divers will anticipate where you are moving to and move to that location, often ignoring enemies. If you're in the attack mode, the divers will not disengage until the hero moves far enough away to switch back to move mode.
  2. They can easily help tank against bosses. However, when they are dead, they provide no benefit, so you will have to wait until they respawn every 160 seconds.
  3. It's not recommended for anvil since he generally uses range and if playing with cloak, it can lure enemies close and splash.
  4. Leadership provides minimal benefit when compared to inspire. It will add a 15% bonus from the base damage.
Firebat Goliath Marauder Marine Medic
Base Health 560 320 280 260 300
Armor 16 9 9 9 9
LifeRegen 4 4 4 4 4
Damage (Ground) 33

+33 Light


+40 Light


+60 Armored

Damage (Air) 55 x2

+55 Armored

Period 1.4 0.9 1.4 0.6
Range 2 8 7 6.5
Base DPS 23.5 111 42.9 63.3

Each boss killed provides a large amount of additional bonuses:

Firebat Goliath Marauder Marine Medic
Health 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Armor 6 6 5 4 4
LifeRegen 0.6015 0.6015 0.6015 0.6015 0.6015
Damage (Ground) 2

+2 Light


+1 Light


+4.5 Armored


+0.5 Light

Damage (Air) 3 x2

+3 Armored


+0.5 Light

Change in DPS 1.43 4.44 3.57 4.16

In addition to the 5 boss upgrades, helldivers also receive 0.125 health per Hero Level. Handicap affects all units owned by a player as well, so talents that modify handicap such as Battle hardened will increase this bonus retroactively.

Total Basic DPS at start is 241 DPS, and increases up to a maximum of 309 DPS after all bosses have been killed. While this is a significant boost, keep in mind that the divers are not permanent and only do this damage when still alive. All Helldivers also have an armor reduction of 1, so high armor targets like Hives take significantly less damage.

Helldivers are also affected by Inspire, which makes them significantly more powerful, with a 40% increase in attack speed, +1 LifeRegen, and 12 more armor.

Since inspire is a basic talent, this effectively boosts their early DPS to 337. Once you factor in Attack Formations, the damage is increased to 506 DPS (556 DPS with Leadership), though players only receive this talent midgame unless exceptionally lucky.