The Hero Guides have all been updated to V14.17 (September 2021). The hero guides below apply to

  1. Oldschool (OS) and Hellwalker (HW)
  2. Multiplayer (non-solo)
  3. Normal speed games (non-speedruns). 

There are very solid reasons why each mastery is in the order presented. It is not possible to detail each and every reason why each mastery is taken at a specific level without making the pages extremely long. So, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

In very rare situations, some sequential masteries can be easily swapped between each other, especially those at level 0 and level 10. (E.g. Tychus' Flaming Moe and Close Quarter Combat) depending on whether the Flaming Betty talent is picked or not. However, such scenarios are very exceptional in nature, and as a general rule, each mastery must be picked in the order presented for the optimal usage of the hero.

  1. Tychus Guide
  2. Swann Guide
  3. Tassadar Guide
  4. Nova Guide
  5. Predator Guide
  6. Anvil Guide
  7. Aquila Guide
  8. Fury Guide
  9. Pyro Guide
  10. Messiah Guide
  11. Atlas Guide
  12. Dune Guide
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