The hero guides below apply to Oldschool and Hellwalker multiplayer (non-solo) games and apply to casual games (non-speedruns). 

Some sequential masteries can be easily swapped between each other, especially those at level 0 and level 10. (E.g. Tychus' Flaming Moe and Close Quarter Combat). But you will never see sequential masteries more than 10 levels away from each other, unless there is a very solid reason (e.g. Air support with Anvil means picking Mobile Command Post much later).

  1. Tychus Guide
  2. Swann Guide
  3. Tassadar Guide
  4. Nova Guide
  5. Predator Guide
  6. Anvil Guide
  7. Aquila Guide
  8. Fury Guide
  9. Pyro Guide
  10. Messiah Guide
  11. Atlas Guide
  12. Dune Guide

Links to the guides

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