CP2 Wiki

GM Random Events are helper trigger assassinations that is used frequently in boss events, designed to create additional difficulty and drop a lot of random crap on you.

They are composed of Assassination events like Periodic Squads and Periodic Drops

GM Random Event Strong[]

This is used to make a random strong event, like at the beginning of the Hybrid General battle

  1. Random event Case 1-6
    1. Periodic Squad Brood Lords
    2. Periodic Squad Banelings
    3. Drop Spine
    4. Drop Larvae
    5. Drop Aberration
    6. Periodic Squad Hive Guardians

GM Random Boss Pull Events Fixed Easy[]

Usually run during early bosses, this is a shortcut trigger to add easier drops and variety to bosses.

  1. Drop Zerglings
  2. Wait 10
  3. Drop Roaches
  4. Wait 10
  5. Drop Spines

GM Random Boss Pull Events Fixed Hard[]

Usually run during later bosses, this is a shortcut to add difficult drops and Hive guardians to the boss event.

  1. Drop Spines
  2. Wait 10
  3. Periodic Squad Hive Guardians
  4. Wait 10
  5. Periodic Squad Brood Lords
  6. Wait 10
  7. If Oldschool, then
    1. Drop Abberation
    2. Drop Larvae
    3. Drop Zerglings
    4. Periodic Squad Raptors
  8. Else, Drop Aberration
  9. Wait 10
  10. Drop Roaches