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Fury Overview[]

(Updated to v15.0)

Fury can deal insane AoE damage with his Minefield and his BFG. Clearing weak hordes of enemies is never an issue for Fury.

Fury can deal respectable point damage with his Metalstorm ability. He would still deal slightly less point damage than Nova with leadership drones or a fully enhanced corona beam Predator.

Last but not least, Fury's early game pushing abilities in multiplayer games is among the strongest, and Fury is usually among the first heroes to reach his 2500 score, in the same league as Anvil or Pyro.

Fury's Perks for OS and HW[]

For normal multiplayer games with Fury, his optimal perks are obvious:

  1. Onslaught
  2. Leadership
  3. Air Support
  4. Helldivers

For quick entry of Perks at the beginning of the match, type (without quotes) "-perk olah".

There is no contest about Onslaught and Leadership.

Air Support is given a +50% damage boost from Leadership, and is therefore a no-brainer for Fury.

Helldivers is a great perk. They could complement Fury's playing style, which is to drop Iron Legion onto his position and keep pushing forward. This is similar to Tychus synergizing Helldivers and Flaming Moes. However, Fury does not have the Inspire Talent and is forced to pick Battlefield Promotions mastery for his Legions to Inspire nearby troops to boost their damage output. This means that Helldivers are less effective with Fury as compared with other heroes. Still, Helldivers + Iron Legion is a good combination to push with.

Fury benefits hugely from Weaponsmith. His auto-attack damage is increased by 60. BFG damage for himself and his iron legion is increased by 15. However, the advantage from Helldivers is that it allows Fury to reach his 2500 score 2 or 3 minutes faster, and allow him to have tanking minions from mid game onwards.

Tenacity will be very rarely needed, except if fury ends up becoming the only front-line hero in the team, for example (Anvil, Nova, Aquilla, Fury) AND there are many deaths to be expected. Fury with tenacity can handle toxic Brutalisk hordes towards the end-game.

Fury's Mastery Order for OS and HW[]

Fury will perform the best with the following Mastery Order for multiplayer (non-solo games):

  1. Level 0 = Full Metal Soldiers
  2. Level 10 = Bloodbath
  3. Level 20 = Weapons Research
  4. Level 30 = Leyden Toroid Ultimate
  5. Level 40 = Energy/ Lightweight Equipment
  6. 2K Streak = Lightweight Equipment/ Energy
  7. Level 50 = Power Ranger (Oldschool)/ Black Metal Alchemy (Hellwalker)
  8. Level 60 = NICK Protocol

Full Metal Soldiers at Level 0[]

Full Metal Soldiers is your mandatory first pick.

  1. Protecting your Iron Legion with +15 armor is essential or else they will easily die to weak enemies such as zerglings or hydralisks rendering the Iron Legion far less effective.
  2. A skilled Fury player can have all 5 Iron Legion in action very early in a Hellwalker or Oldschool game. On Hellwalker, Fury can head east and start clearing while Iron Legions spawn on his position. This way, banelings incoming from the North will never kill any of the Iron Legion. On Oldschool, Fury can push north from the start. If a team is concerned about "pushing too fast" on Oldschool, this means the team is extremely inexperienced. Then Fury is not a hero that an experienced player should be picking to carry the team to begin with.
  3. Additional Iron Legion that also survive longer drastically quicken Massacre progress for Bloodbath, an essential mastery for Fury that is immediately picked at level 10.
  4. Iron Legion spawning on Fury's position are excellent tanks against dangerous enemies such as Brood Lords, Ultralisks, Bane Lords and Spine Crawlers.
  5. But most importantly, once Fury pushes deeper into enemy territory, Iron Legion spawning on Fury's own position allows a skilled Fury player to attain the 2500 score fastest of all heroes, often within 13 minutes or less.

Bloodbath at Level 10[]

Bloodbath mastery should definitely be the next mastery.

  1. When fully maxed, it grants permanent increase of +15 to armor, +15 to shield armor, +17.8 to auto-attack damage and further increases life regeneration.
  2. This allows Fury to comfortably tank Hellwalker and Inferno spine crawlers and improves survivability against the more lethal Oldschool spine crawlers. This gives Fury much more survivability to stick around and deal damage rather than fleeing.
  3. Fury will also be able to comfortably tank zerg queens and brood lords. Bloodbath also improves survivability against ultralisks and bane lords, but Fury cannot tank them forever.

Bloodbath mastery has a chance of progressing for each massacre progress. Additionally, each time an Iron Legion lands and each time you use Metalstorm, you gain 1 massacre progress.

Weapons Research at Level 20[]

Weapons Research adds +60 to auto attack damage, increases auto attack range and increases BFG damage.

Leyden Toroid (Ultimate Mastery) at Level 30[]

After level 30, Fury reaches his 2500 score with ease and picks his ultimate Leyden Toroid mastery.

Comments on Fury's other masteries[]

Black Metal Academy[]

For Oldschool, there is no benefit to wasting a mastery point on cloaking. A group of Iron Legion and your Helldivers should tank sufficiently long enough to kill all non-boss enemies and spine crawler drops in your surrounding.

However, on Hellwalker, with the bugged and unfixed nature of the nightmare drops, Black Metal Academy allows Fury to push and use emergency cloaking to survive nightmare drops. This mastery is usually needed after level 60 or by the hour mark, when you receive the free hourly mastery.

NICK Protocol[]

For Hellwalker games, as a late game mastery, NICK Protocol becomes essential when pushing outside of base with the constant threat of Nightmare drops. The most important benefits to NICK Protocol are increased weapons damage and no reduced movement speed when using Metalstorm.

Avenger []

This mastery is underwhelming before Fury's ELITE upgrade. And therefore, it is an excellent candidate to pick in the very late stages, where Fury with ELITE can continuously spam Minefield and Metalstorm thanks to Overload. 

Battlefield Promotion[]

Unfortunately, the only viable usage of Battlefied Promotion is in speedruns. It allows Dune to gain +3 talents in 4-player games, increasing the likelihood of getting essential talents such as Mud Stompers and Nimble Feet and Vitality Kit 1 without remaking the game dozens of times. In other words, the only utility of Battlefield Promotion is to counteract extremely poor game design, where essential talents are not given to a hero at the start.

When taken almost last, all teammates would have already gotten all of their talent points and there would be much more minerals than needed to nuke the whole map in non-speedrun games.

Haywire Missile[]

Although Haywire Missile has been buffed to add +1 damage per hero level from a base damage of 130, it is very underwhelming compared to the other masteries that Fury must pick in his first 60 levels. Even after level 60, picking global nukes would allow Fury to reach his 25,000 ELITE status much earlier than picking Haywire. Therefore, pick Haywire Missile among your last masteries, but certainly before Black Metal or Battlefield Promotion.