Fury OverviewEdit

Fury can deal insane AoE damage with his Minefield, and, to a lesser extent his BFG. Clearing weak hordes of enemies is never an issue for Fury.

Fury can deal respectable point damage with his Metalstorm ability. He would still deal slightly less point damage than Nova with leadership drones or a fully enhanced corona beam Predator.

That is why the optimal perks and mastery order for Fury in Solo games and in multiplayer games differ wildly. The focus of Fury solo games is to maximize point damage while the focus of Fury multiplayer games is to capitalize on his strengths, which is primarily AoE damage and Iron Legion damage.

Last but not least, Fury's early game pushing abilities in multiplayer games is among the strongest, and Fury is usually the among the first heroes to reach his 2500 score.

Fury's PerksEdit

For normal multiplayer games with Fury, his optimal perks are extremely obvious:

  1. Onslaught
  2. Leadership
  3. Helldivers
  4. (Hellwalker) Air Support or Tenacity

There is no contest about Onslaught and Leadership.

Fury benefits hugely from Weaponsmith. His BFG damage is increased by 15, and auto-attack damage is increased by 60. However, he benefits more from Helldivers, because they allow him to push deep into enemy territory and tank enemies.

Tenacity will be very rarely needed, except if fury ends up becoming the only front-line hero in the team, for example (Anvil, Nova, Aquilla, Fury) AND there are many deaths to be expected. Fury with tenacity can handle toxic brutalisk hordes towards the end-game.

Fury's Mastery OrderEdit

Fury will perform the best with the following Mastery Order for multiplayer (non-solo games):

  1. Level 0 = Full Metal Soldiers
  2. Level 10 = Bloodbath/ Weapons Research
  3. Level 20 = Weapons Research/ Bloodbath
  4. Level 30 = Leyden Toroid Ultimate
  5. Level 40 = Lightweight Equipment
  6. 2K Streak = Energy/ Power Ranger
  7. Level 50 = Power Ranger/ Energy
  8. Level 60 = NICK Protocol

Full Metal Soldiers is your mandatory first pick. Protecting your Iron Legion with +15 armor is essential or else they will disappear as soon as they appear. But most importantly, once Fury pushes deeper into enemy territory, Full Metal Soldiers allows his Iron Legion to spawn on his position, rather than spawn in base and waste away on random stuff.

Next is your Bloodbath mastery, which grants permanent increase of +15 to armor, +15 to shield armor, +17.8 to auto-attack damage and life regeneration when it reaches its maximum. It has a chance of progressing for each massacre progress. Additionally, each time an Iron Legion lands and each time you use Metalstorm, you gain 1 massacre progress. Alternatively, since Weapons Research adds +60 to auto attack damage, you may want to pick it at level 10 instead. However, bear in mind that Bloodbath takes a lot of time to max out, so the earlier you take it, the better.

For Hellwalker games, as a late game mastery, NICK Protocol becomes essential when pushing outside of base with the constant threat of Nightmare drops. The most important benefits to NICK Protocol are increased armor and no reduced movement speed when using Metalstorm. NICK Protocol allows you to stand your ground against spine drops and nightmares. 

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