Range Medium
Role Fire Support
Req. Rank 21
Active Skills BFG, Minefield, Metalstorm, Overdrive
Passive Skills Iron Legion, Inspire, Adaptive Armor, Irradiate
== Example Hellwalker Mastery / perk Order ==


  1. Leadership - Buffing Iron legion and Air support.
  2. Air Support - Decent early game push.
  3. Onslaught - your best option here.
  4. Tenacity - Helpful for beginners.
  5. Compartmentalization - More spells.
  6. Weaponsmith would be another option. Doomsday, too.


  1. Haywire Missile - damage increase for you and your friends.
  2. Full Metal Soldier - more friends. Since you took leadership perk this is the way to go.
  3. Lightweight Equipment - More mines. BFG is to energy intensive early on, same applies to metal storm and overdrive. Metal storm is useful to clear out some spine crawlers if your friends don't.
  4. Energy Mastery - More spells. You may need to delay this.
  5. Pulse Quake Mastery - This is your score mastery, keep your level 30 point for it. It allows you to trade health for spells. You'll mostly be using mines and Metalstorm. BFG just not that good early on.
  6. Power Ranger - you pick this at level 50. Not earlier. Wasted point before Omegaliskbase.
  7. Weapons Research - slight damage increase
  8. Big Game Hunter - more damage against ugly things. Really helpful if you've this before bosses. You may need to skip this on group play, tho.
  9. N.I.C.K. Protocol - you need this against Nightmare drops on Hellfire with more than 1 player. Insane armor buff, helps a lot.
  10. Nuke Mastery - on level 70 or 80 depending on your group.
  11. Battlefield promotion. Someone else already has inspire.
  12. Allrounder - unlikely that you run into the need of special talents.

You're pretty awesome early on because of Iron legion and widowmines. Your teammates are not. They may need score, you're able to push alone early on and deny them any score they could easily farm. Your friendly support group likes to trigger everything up to Omegalisk. For beginners I really recommend this order:

- Yagda north or scrapyard trigger then the other one.

- Brutalisk trigger

- Roach trigger after this your base will manually kill yagda on the southside. And your friendly squad will pretty fast trigger omegalisk.

The Queen spawn, which is triggered by destroying the hatch in the middle of the map may hurt you more than it helps early on. Destroying the ultra cavern helps, tho.

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