CP2 Wiki
Extremely Big Gun
Armor: 12
Twin Ibiks Cannon
Damage: 45
 vs Light: 55
 vs Armored:
 vs Structure:
 vs Mechanical:
 vs Massive:
 vs Heroic: 55
Range: 8
Weapon Speed: 1

The Extremely Big Gun is a strucutre built by Crap Patrol SCVs. It is a very heavily armored Planetary Fortress. It is not built directly; CP SCVs build Command Centers, which then transform into Extremely Big Guns. The EBG has two important abilities. First, it applies the Home Base Buff to all heroes within a range of 10, increasing their health and shield regeneration and movement speed. Second, it has a much higher combat target priority than other units, making hostile EC forces attack it before attacking other nearby targets. Note that Predator has even higher priority, so enemies won't reaggro from him to EBG. The EBG's extremely large health pool allows it to absorb significant damage before falling, thus buying heroes significant amounts of time to kill whatever is attacking it.

The EBG's main gun deals splash damage (full damage within radius 0.5, 75% within radius 0.8, 37.5% damage within radius 1.25).


  • Artifact - CP Building Shields: Gives the EBG 2000 points of Shields
  • Artifact - CP Defense Building Damage: Increases the EBG's damage by 30.