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Energy Mastery
Energy Mastery.png
Hero Anvil, Aquila, Predator, Atlas, Fury, Messiah, Nova, Pryo, Swann, Tassadar
Description Let the power lines flow through you and become the ultimate embodiment of true energy.
Effects energy restore
energy max
shield restore delay

This mastery will increase your energy regen and maximum energy. Due to the way energy talents are spread out throughout the game, it is unlikely for heroes to require Energy Mastery later in the game. Most heroes can skip Energy Mastery until they feel they are constantly running out of energy.

Tychus has a unique version of Energy Mastery called Unshackled Energy Mastery, which also increases his Psionic Warrior cast radius by 2. Unless you're constantly using Escalate, it's generally an optional Mastery.

Dune is a unique hero that does not utilize energy to use abilities, and instead depends on rage generation through attacks. End of Times Mastery gives Dune a cleave attack, which generates 10 extra rage, and is essentially his version of Energy Mastery.

Most heroes can only effectively use one of Energy Mastery or the Absorption perk. Tychus and Nova are notable exceptions.


Hero Energy Max Energy

Regen Rate


Regen Delay

Anvil 120 1.3984 -1
Aquila 100 1.3007 -1
Atlas 100 1.5 -1
Fury 100 1.3984 -1
Messiah 100 1.3007 -1
Nova 125 1.6992 -1
Predator 100 1.5 -1
Pyro 100 1.3984 -1
Swann 90 1.3984 -1
Tassadar 105 1.5 -1
Tychus 100 1.3984 -1