CP2 Wiki

In version 14.9, hero elite upgrades were added for all heroes. The ELITE upgrade will automatically be learned once the player hits 25000 combined score and has his ultimate Mastery learned.

Tychus - Nomad[]

Escalate will now:

Spawns a cube at your positions

Fires twice as many grenades

Restores your shields to full instead of depleting them.

Swann - Bulldozer[]

You and your Satellite Uplinks counteract creep in your immediate surroundings. 

Hellfire Missile Battery has +3 charges.

Using any ability reduces the remaining cooldown of Hellfire Missile Battery by 3 seconds.

Tassadar - Praetor[]

Reduces the time until you reach full charge level.

Force Field cast range is increased.

Force Fields conjures a small Thunderstorm whenever they are placed or expire.

Nova - Shadow Scout[]

Your Combat Drones fire lasers at nearby enemies.

Combat Drones have increased movement speed, attack speed, and acceleration.

Predator - Cybernetic Bulwark[]

Reduces the energy cost of Demoralize by 5 (base 20) and Phalanx by 25 (base 100).

Using Demoralize resets the cooldown of Corona.

Using Phalanx resets the cooldown of Blink.

Major Anvil - God of Thunder[]

Mjölnir Protocol lasts +5 seconds longer (base 4) and grants +25% to all damage dealt for its duration.

When you use Stimpack, Mjölnir Protocol, or Combined Assault, your Jötunnbane activate the same ability for free.

Aquila - Void Admiral[]

Using Blades of Aiur, Bond, Void Tear, or Blink grants you a stack of Battle Flow.

Battle Flow stacks up to 5 times and gaining an additional stack while at maximum stacks will extend the duration of all stacks past the base duration.

Battle Flow increases your movement speed, attack speed, ranged damage, and energy regeneration.

Pushing Battle Flow’s duration past 2 minutes will permanently remove Void Tear’s armor bonus.

Fury - Killing Machine[]

Overdrive has -50 cooldown (base 100, lightweight -40) and activating it deploys an additional Iron Legion up to twice your current cap.

Using Minefield makes your Iron Legion deploy a single mine at their positions each.

Pyro - Hellboy[]

Your Liberators will periodically cast Firestarter on the most dangerous enemy within their range for free every 4 seconds.

Eternal Flames lasts an additional 3 seconds (base 3 seconds).

Messiah - Maelstrom Assassin[]

Your auto-attacks have 2% shield leech and 1% energy leech.

You can enslave one additional enemy for a maximum of 4.

Atlas - Morale Officer[]

You and your RRTS are immune to Nuke damage.

Your Nukes will deploy RRTS at their impact locations.

Attacking with Hammer Cannons will launch STARK Missiles at your target.

Dune - Plains Walker[]

Redirection lasts an additional 60 seconds for a maximum of 120 seconds and grants you 25% increased attack speed.

Auriga Prisms have +6 range (base 7.5) and increased damage:

  • Auriga Interceptors +7 damage (base 11)
  • Echo Bombers +30 damage (base 30)