Dune OverviewEdit

There are 12 total heroes. If you exclude Messiah, mastering Dune is the equivalent of mastering the other remaining 10 heroes combined.

But once Dune has been mastered, he is a game-changer (AKA an overpowered hero):

  1. He has surpasses Predator's tankiness by far (in the hands of a skilled player)
  2. He has the most mobility of all heroes by far with Rush and Recall (in the hands of a skilled player)
  3. He deals the greatest AoE damage of all heroes (further enhanced with the cooperation of allies that donate minerals to him)
  4. He is the most efficient kiter that does not even need tenacity even when triple slowed by roaches, nightmares and toxic brutalisk (in the hands of a skilled player)
  5. His prism can reduce damage taken by 33% and heal himself and allies such as Smoker.
  6. He only needs 3 core perks to function to his maximum. Those perks are Onslaught, Compartment and Mercenary. 

In summary, an expert-level Dune can single-handedly almost guarantee a multiplayer Hellwalker win.

Dune's PerksEdit

Dune's optimal perks are straightforward:

  1. Onslaught
  2. Compartment
  3. Mercenary
  4. (Hellwalker) Air Support

Because of Dune's extreme mobility, he does not even need tenacity to carry a team with 15 deaths facing toxic brutalisks. Air Support is a good perk to have because it grants immediate high ground vision compared to Akhundelar (his prism). Additionally Air Support reduces the talent pool by removing 3 air support talents upon selection. This improves the chances of Dune getting Impenetrable Armor (+9) armor and his HP talents.

Dune's Mastery OrderEdit

This is the optimal mastery order for normal (non-speedrun, non-solo) games:

  1. Level 0 = End of Times/ Conservator + Free Lightweight
  2. Level 10 = Conservator/ End of Times
  3. Level 20 = Obelisk
  4. Level 30 = Path of the Guardian
  5. Level 40 = Echoes of Gantrithor
  6. 2K Streak = Supersonic Drift/ Solarite Augmentation
  7. Level 50 = Solarite Augmentation/ Supersonic Drift

Conservator is picked first in normal Hellwalker games to protect and heal smoker, thus allowing allies to pick their masteries faster. 

End of Times' primary benefit is to reduce the cooldown of Rush, thus allowing more rage to be generated when Rush is used. And therefore, increases both the AoE damage of Dune, as well as his survivability and his mobility with more frequent Rush.

After level 40, once Echoes of Grantrithor is picked, both Supersonic Drift and Solarite Augmentation are valid choices.

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