Dune is the latest hero added to the game in May 2019. A melee hero that doesn't rely on energy, Dune accumulates rage with each of his auto-attacks, by being attacked, and by being nuked, then use it to power his skills. He has four skills:

  • Rush
  • Thump
  • Obliterate
  • Akhundelar

Rush: Dashes to the location and stuns enemies at the target location. Generates rage.

Thump: Spins the hero and damages a 180 degree arc in front of Dune. It also heals and provides a shield to Dune.

Obliterate: Creates an explosion from Dune's rage. With the Obelisk mastery, it generates a smaller version of Akhundelar without the interceptors but has the same protection and regeneration. With Conservatory mastery, it also regenerates health.

Akhundelar: Calls in a warp prism. The prism AoE reduces damage by 33% and also regenerates health if the Conservatory mastery has been picked. The warp prism sends interceptors to damage the enemies inside the AoE. With Echoes of Gantrithor mastery, the warp prism can call bombers to damage enemies in an AoE

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