If Doomsday Perk is selected, whenever your hero lands a nuke that would count as a surgical strike, the CP base will automatically immediately launch a nuke at a nearby enemy structure. This nuke lands much quicker and does no friendly fire. A nuke is considered a surgical strike if it deals at least 2500 damage and causes no friendly fire.

Doomsday perk automatically supplies the following talents:

  • Surgical Strike (3 x sqrt(Damage) worth of minerals)
  • Nuclear Winter (50% massacre chance to -15 minerals from nuke cost, 15 times up to -225 minerals)
  • Electrostatic Fallout (+1500 Psionic, +900 Heroic)
  • Rainmaker (Every 6th nuke spawns a BC for the player. Additionally each nuke has 5% chance of spawning a BC)

The Surgical Strike talent refunds 3 x sqrt(Damage) worth of minerals (minimum 150) for both the normal nuke and the extra doomsday nuke.

Nukes have a base damage of 600 +1200 vs structure, with 100% damage within radius 4, 75% damage within radius 6, and 50% damage within radius 8.

The doomsday nuke upgrades based on game time:

  • +110 structure damage every 4 minutes, up to +4500 at 120 minutes
  • Massive Blast after 40 minutes
  • Electrostatic Fallout (+1500 Psionic, +900 Heroic) after 80 minutes

Note that bonus damage is averaged between the highest and the lowest bonus if it matches a unit, such as Heroic Structures like Hives. This means that peak damage for a doomsday nuke occurs at 76 minutes before the nukes are upgraded with +900 Heroic damage, which cuts the damage down from 600 + 3290 (structure) to 600 + [3400 (structure) + 900 (Heroic)] / 2.

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