Difficulty selection as shown at the start of the game.

There are currently four difficulties in Crap Patrol 2 which have a huge impact on how the map plays out. Select a difficulty from the following list for further details or take a look at the quick comparison table below.
Enemy Toughness 100% ~150% ~175% ~200%, see Specials
Enemy Offense 100% ~125% ~135% ~150%, see Specials.
Nukes 1000 base cost 1250 base cost 2000 base cost 2000 base cost
Player Respawn Unlimited 10 0 Unlimited
World Events Random, rare Random, frequent Random, rare Fixed order, frequent
Rank Points x1 x2 x3 x4
  • Increased experience gain
  • CP spawns additional reinforcements
  • Limited respawns
  • CP spawns additional reinforcements
  • Free starting talent point.
  • Death is permanent. No ability to respawn.
  • Two free starting talent points.
  • Some enemies have increased range or damage. Several enemies and structures are cloaked.
  • Game becomes harder every 31 minutes.
  • Game becomes insanely hard after 4 hours.
  • Game becomes unbeatable after 6 hours.
  • If a player dies, the game will become harder.
  • Most Rank unlocks do not apply, but players start with increased minerals and talent points.
  • Players start with a free Mastery point.
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