Critical Hit
Critical Hit
Attacks have a % chance to critically hit, dealing bonus damage

Critical Hit is one of Nova's passive abilities. It gives her autoattacks a chance to deal bonus damage on hit. The bonus damage scales with Nova's level, but never becomes extremely large. This is not the sort of crit that makes the difference between 'no damage dealt' and 'one shot kill', this is the sort of crit that increases your DPS in extended battles with large targets.

Critical Hit ImprovementsEdit

  • Killer Instinct Mastery: This mastery is best taken after you've unlocked all your essentials. It will gradually raise your Critical Hit chance by 20%. This is alot but the Critical Hit damage itself isn't spectacular enough to take this mastery for the DPS. What can be significant is the 4% max energy recovery on crit that comes when all 20 stacks of the mastery are achieved, as with 45/53% crit chance, enough shots are fired during a single Strafe to fully pay off its energy cost.
  • D.E.S.T.R.Y.R. Shells: Increases Critical Hit damage by 65.
  • Precision Strikes: An OK talent that adds 8% Critical Hit Chance.
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