Combat Drone (R)
Combat Drone
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Energy Cost 40

One of Nova's active skills, unlocked with Learn Combat Drone. When cast it spawns a Combat Drone unit that will fly over your head and attack any target you are attacking. Without any talents the maximum amount of drones you can have at a time is 1, with talents and masteries this can be increased to 4. Once an attack command has been given drones will continue attacking a target as long as it stays in your range. When your drones are attacking a target they will grant you vision of it, something that can be exploited on higher difficulties by dropping a Tac Nuke near a ledge and attacking the structures (usually Spine Crawlers) while the nuke is landing.

Combat Drones are immune to all forms of damage, however if Nova is lifed by a Hybrid Dominator all active Combat Drones will be destroyed.


The Combat Drone talents are all worth it and should be taken as soon as they appear! They dramatically increase Nova's damage per second versus normal creatures. When you are really lucky you can unlock most of your Drone talents before the Omegalisk and still pick up the required masteries and talents for serial sniping in the boss fight.

  • Drone Hangar Mastery: A great mastery to unlock first, make sure to disable nuke building (with -nuke off) and to get Imperial Funds to have those 2000 minerals ready when you reach level 10. With this you will have 3 drones flying around auto-killing these groups of Zerglings (that would otherwise take you 5 shots, which is almost 10 seconds) and finishing off kills that your auto-attack barely didn't get. This is a great mastery if you wish to get your 1000 kill streak as early as possible.
  • Drone Command: Adds another Drone! Awesome!
  • Sushi To Go: An excellent drone talent to get early in the game, with this your damage vs units like Zerglings and Hydralisks will be greatly increased.
  • Drone War: Greatly increases your drones' DPS by increasing their attack speed.
  • Death from Above: A good talent to increase your pushing power versus structures.
  • David vs Goliath: A good talent to increase your big game hunting and solo Brutalisk kiting.
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