• Drone Hangar Mastery: A great mastery to unlock first, make sure to disable nuke building (with -nuke off) and to get Imperial Funds to have those 2000 minerals ready when you reach level 10. With this you will have 3 drones flying around auto-killing these groups of Zerglings (that would otherwise take you 5 shots, which is almost 10 seconds) and finishing off kills that your auto-attack barely didn't get. This is a great mastery if you wish to get your 1000 kill streak as early as possible.
  • Drone Command: Adds another Drone! Awesome!
  • Sushi To Go: An excellent drone talent to get early in the game, with this your damage vs units like Zerglings and Hydralisks will be greatly increased.
  • Drone War: Greatly increases your drones' DPS by increasing their attack speed.
  • Death from Above: A good talent to increase your pushing power versus structures.
  • David vs Goliath: A good talent to increase your big game hunting and solo Brutalisk kiting.

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