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Welcome to the Crap Patrol 2 Wiki! Here you can find information about the StarCraft 2 arcade map "Crap Patrol 2" to help you progress as far as possible.

Crap Patrol 2 is being developed by BlacKcuD. You can join the official Crap Patrol 2 discord here .

If you would like to submit a replay, check out Thenarden's online leaderboards. If you have questions about this wiki, you can ask the admin.

Complete Map
The CP2 Map. Locations on this map can be hovered over, and will be referenced on other parts of the wiki.

Meta GuideEdit

The mechanics of a particular difficulty will remain constant, no matter what hero is picked.

Therefore, it is recommended to read, first and foremost:

  1. The Hellwalker and Season 2 Nemesis pages under 'Difficulties' section, to understand the dynamics of those difficulties
  2. The Traps page, under 'Game Mechanics' section
  3. GhostDragon's Guide, which applies comprehensively to Oldschool and Hellwalker

Difficulties Edit

There are currently five difficulties.

  • Hard (For Beginners)
  • Inferno (Third Hardest Mode)
  • Old School (Second Hardest Mode)
  • Hellwalker (Hardest)
  • Season 2 Nemesis (Variable/Hardest)

Game Mechanics Edit

Guides Edit

Heroes Edit

Talents (Outdated) Edit

Perks Edit

Masteries (Outdated) Edit

Bosses (Outdated) Edit

Patch Notes IconPatch NotesEdit

Season 2 Nemesis is now live (version 14.2), introduced in version 14.

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