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Welcome to the Crap Patrol 2 Wiki! Here, you can find information about the StarCraft 2 Arcade map "Crap Patrol 2" to help you progress as far as possible.

The section about 'Hero Perks' and 'Hero Mastery Orders' are about learning the hero.

If you want more details about each perk, I suggest you read the 'Perk' section.

The 'Hellwalker', 'Boss Triggers' and 'Non-Boss Triggers' sections are about learning the map. 

Crap Patrol 2 is developed by BlacKcuD

If you would like to submit a replay, check out Thenarden's online leaderboards.

Complete Map
The CP2 Map. Locations on this map can be hovered over, and will be referenced on other parts of the wiki.

Patch Notes IconPatch NotesEdit

Introduction to GhostDragon's GuideEdit

Read the Introduction first.

Guide to all Hero Perks for Normal Games (GhostDragon)Edit

Guide to all Hero Perks for Speedrun Games (GhostDragon)Edit

Guide to all Hero Mastery Orders (GhostDragon)Edit

The hero guides apply to Oldschool and Hellwalker multiplayer (non-solo) games and apply to non-speedruns:

Heroes (Outdated) Edit


Kindly note that the hero guides in this section are outdated.


Talents (Outdated) Edit

Perks Edit

Masteries (Outdated) Edit

Bosses (Outdated) Edit

Difficulties Edit

There are currently four difficulties.

  • Hard (For Beginners)
  • Inferno (Third Hardest Mode)
  • Old School (Second Hardest Mode)
  • Hellwalker (Hardest)

Game Mechanics Edit

Guides (Outdated) Edit

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