Boss - Brutalisk

Offensive Stats
Damage 180 x2
vs. Structure 380 x2
vs. Heroic 280 x2
Range 1
Weapon Speed 2
Defensive Stats
Armor 4
Move Speed 2.5
Complete Map

The Brutalisk is the first boss encountered in Crap Patrol 2. It is large, it is durable, it hits like a truck, but it's actually nowhere near as threatening as other bosses or even some other enemies. Its attack has two triggers: a hero reaching the center island in Sector 2, or the destruction of the Hatchery in the Junkyard at the east end of Sector 1. Once triggered, it simply attack-moves towards the CP Orbital.

The Brutalisk has two notable weaknesses. First, it is slow. At 2.5 movespeed, all heroes can at least keep pace with it, if not outrun it. Second, it can only attack a single enemy at a time; its attacks do not cleave or splash. This means that if it encounters a large group of CP infantry and vehicles, it will take a long time to clear through them, giving heroes more than enough time to gun it down. However, its high damage and two hits per attack make it very effective at demolishing buildings.

The Brutalisk is not a unique boss. Four other Brutalisks exist on the map. Three of them patrol around the Hive cluster in the Brain Bug's Lair. The fourth patrols the corridor between the Brain Bug's Lair and the Leviathan's Lair. These Brutalisks have increased hitpoints and doubled attack damage.

Mental DifficultyEdit

On Mental difficulty, the Brutalisk develops two additional properties. First, Brutalisks on Mental are permanently invisible. Second, as part of the 'Mental Bad Things' trigger, additional even more powerful Brutalisks will attack your base.

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