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Helveg Helveg 1 May 2015

The new Evil Crap Unit Template is here!

Wow, I had to work ridiculously hard and long to clear this one of all bugs, but I think I did it. Read the documentation and let me know in a reply if you don't fully understand how to use the new Template:Evil Crap Unit Tabs.

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Helveg Helveg 30 April 2015

Wiki Development

Just updating all (2) of you about my recent updates on this wiki.

As you might have noticed there's an interactive map on the front page, I finalized the code for that (just remind me to add custom colors for areas ;) ), you can play around with it on Sandbox:Map and Test:Calibration Map. Apart from that I'm finishing up the code for the Difficulty Tabs which will allow us to enter the stats of a creature into a template for each difficulty. The tabs work perfectly but it still requires alot of back-end template editing to implement it in all the templates whom's stats are affected by the difficulties. I think I will finalize the Tab code when I've finished the Weapon and Defense templates and code. That's something I will be working on th…

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