Block Mastery
Block Mastery
Hero Predator
Description You can withstand even the toughest blows of the largest and most fearsome bosses. Incoming melee, ranged and splash attacks will be blocked. Blocked attacks can not deal more than 125 damage to you. Damage from spells can not be blocked.

Requires 2000 minerals and Adaptive Armor Mastery.

Effects take less damage from heavy blows
2000 minerals
Block Mastery is a mastery for Predator which caps the maximum damage you can take per single attack to 125, before your damage reduction stats are applied. This talent makes it a lot easier to tank bosses and all other units that deal a lot of damage per hit.

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Also something good to note, the final boss Hybrid Dominator's attacks count as normal damage so your will take close to no damage from him even without the shield of an Odin.

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