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Big Game Hunter Mastery
Big Game Hunter Mastery.png
Hero TychusSwannTassadar
Major Anvil
Description You don't concern yourself with Zerglings. You specialized yourself in hunting for the big targets. Auto-attacks and abilities deal bonus damage vs massive units and killing massive units grants you additional experience points.
Effects damage vs massive
damage vs massive while fully charged (Tassadar)
critical hit bonus damage vs massive (Nova)
grenade/ missile battery/ empower/ snipe/ corona damage vs massive
bonus xp from massive kills

This mastery increases your effectiveness versus massive units and increases your rewards for killing them. In its current state, BGH is not worth it for any heroes in the early game, as there's a lot of other better masteries. The only time where its really worth taking, is in the late game when you've run out of actually good masteries and just want some damage versus final big ultralisk.

The Numbers[]

Hero Weapon Bonus
Tychus TychusCommandoAttackDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="15"/>
Tychus BonesTossGrenadeDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="50"/>
Tassadar PrismaticBeamMUx3 AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="20"/>
Tassadar MothershipCoreWeaponDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="15"/>
Nova NovaSnipe AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="100"/>
Nova NovaCritDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="50"/>
Predator TitaniumClaws AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="25"/>
Predator Corona AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="40"/>
Anvil AnvilTankDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="24"/>
Anvil AnvilSiegedDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="52"/>
Fury TwinGatlingsDamage AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="25"/>
Pyro EternalFlamesDamageDirect AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="35"/>
Fury IronLegionGatlingCannon AttributeBonus[Massive]" Value="10"/>