CP2 Wiki
Move Speed: 6
Damage: 70
 vs Light:
 vs Armored:
 vs Structure:
 vs Mechanical:
 vs Massive:
 vs Heroic:
Range: 14
Weapon Speed: 1

CP Air support arrives every 660 seconds, plus or minus 60 seconds. The Call in the Fleet talent will reduce this time 20 seconds per player. Players can use the "-bi" chat command to see when the next CP Air Support will arrive.

When CP Air support arrives, a CP owned Battlecruiser will patrol the base for 180 seconds. Players will also receive additional air units based on talents they currently have, owned by the player. All these units also have a timed life of 180 seconds.

  • Vice Admiral - 70% chance to create a personal Battlecruiser for the player
  • Carrier has arrived - Carrier
  • Dusk Wing - Dusk Wing

See the Air Support perk for more detailed damage on Battlecruisers and Dusk Wings.

Interceptors from Carriers ignore armor and do 16 damage per attack with a period of 2 for a paltry 64 DPS.

The Air Support Perk creates a permanent Battlecruiser which has a special behavior that adds +1 attack, increases attack speed, and +150% spell damage for Yamato Cannon.

After getting 4000 kills in non-Hellwalker difficulties, a powerful permanent BC is created to defend the base which has a special behavior that adds +3 attacks, and +100% damage. In S1 Prestige, the BC was +200% damage and golden. In single player 4 BCs are spawned, and in 2 player 2 BCs are spawned.